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Progress Report

Webmail and the calendar are back up and running. Some problems with sending mail remain, depends on your mail client. SMTP-AUTH support is sorta installed but perhaps not quite right yet, which is why some mail clients may still be having problems. If you are one of the more experienced users, you might want to experiment a bit and report what you change to get your mail client sending again. Once it is working you should be able to send mail through us regardless of where you happen to be connected at the moment so it is worth a little pain to get working right.

In other news SpamAssassin is now installed and learning about our spam patterns. As it gains confidence it has started flagging the ones it is pretty sure about with [SPAM] in the subject line. If your mail client supports any sort of message filtering it will now be trivial to toss the spam into a seperate folder. Be sure to have a look in that folder to catch any false positives, at least until you are confident it isn't tossing any of your mailing lists or other important material out as spam.

It also buries a lot of interesting details into the mail headers so if you can figure out how to have your mail client show the full headers a lot of info is there for you. You can also customize the behaviour of spamassassin for your account by using your shell account to create/populate a .spamassassin directory in your home directory. See the manpages for spamassassin and sa-learn plus the website for more information.

Another trick would be to add a small .procmailrc file into your home to catch the spam and dump it into a spam folder on OUR end so that it doesn't clog your line downloading it except when you occassionally check for false positives. Have it drop into mail/spam and configure your mail client to use IMAP so you can access it.

Here is an example .procmailrc file to segregate your spam:
# Example .procmailrc to capture spam flagged by spamassassin
# Catch SPAM
* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES

Posted Monday April 12, 2004

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