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How do I get a library card?

To get a library card, an applicant will need either valid photo identification with their current address, or valid photo identification and an official document with the applicant’s name and current address. Applicants must be a resident or taxpayer in Beauregard Parish to get a BPL card. If they are a resident of one of the Libraries Southwest parishes, they may elect to get a Libraries Southwest card. They will then need to fill out an application. You can download, print, and fill out the application by clicking here for the Beauregard Parish Library Card Application, or click here for the LSW Card Application before bringing it to the library. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a sponsoring parent or guardian cardholder.

There are three different cards available: the Beauregard Parish Library (BPL) card, the Libraries Southwest (LSW) card, and the Beauregard Parish Virtual Library card.

  1. The BPL card is eligible for use only at BPL locations.
  2. The LSW card may be used at any location of BPL or the parish public libraries in Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, or Vernon parishes.
  3. The Beauregard Parish Virtual Library card gives access to online resources, but not to physical books, DVDs, or magazines. It is only available to adult residents or property owners of Beauregard Parish, and is not available to full cardholders, even if their card is expired or blocked due to fines. Fill out the Virtual Library card application online.

New patrons are able to check out three items during their first visit. After the first check out, patrons may check out up to 6 items at once for 6 months. After the first six months have passed, the adult patron will be able to check out up to 50 items (no more than 10 DVDs or audiobooks) at one time. A juvenile patron will be able to check out a maximum of 20 items (10 DVDs or audiobooks) at one time. Adults who have been card-holders for at least 6 months and have accounts in good standing are also eligible to check out laptops and/or Hotspots.

How do I request an item?

Requests can be made either through the online catalog, an online web form or by filling out a paper form available at the front desk.

How long can I check things out?

Books, magazines, videos, audiobooks, Playaways, and Playaway Launchpads may be checked out for two weeks, and renewed for another two weeks if nobody has requested them. Books and other material that is borrowed through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) may not be renewed. Material will not be due on a day the Library is closed, whether due to internal library needs, weather, or holiday, but will be due the next regularly scheduled day after such closings. All items save for laptops and hotspots may be returned at any branch, or in any of the dropboxes located at the branches.

Laptops and Hotspots can be checked out for a period of one week, and cannot be renewed. There is a limit of one laptop and one hotspot per household, and neither may be put on hold. A household must wait a week before it may check out another like item. Laptops and hotspots must be returned to the branch they were checked out from. At the DeRidder branch, laptops and hotspots may only be checked out between 10am and Noon, or 2pm to 4pm.

How can I renew what I have checked out?

Renewals of books, audiobooks, and other regular items may be done by visiting one of our branches, over the phone, or via the online catalog. They may be renewed once for an extra period of two weeks, unless someone else has requested them.

Please note that books and other items obtained from InterLibrary Loan (ILL) may not be renewed. It is especially important that these be returned on time.

Laptops and Hotspots may not renewed, and must be returned to the branch checked out from during the designated times. Failure to do so, even if the device is returned to a different branch at the appropriate time, will result in a fine.

How do I get an Internet Account?

As long as you have a library card in good standing, you may simply come in, bring your photo ID, and fill out the appropriate application to get an Electronic Services Account, also known as an internet account. Juveniles, of course, require the permission of their parent or guardian who must provide a current photo ID.

An internet account is needed for several services of the library, including:

  • Signing in to the patron lab computers, or the WiFi.
  • Placing holds and renewing material through the Online Catalog.
  • Accessing several of the library’s online vendor services, such as Libby, Cypress Resume, and Freegal.
  • Accessing library e-mail and the webmail interface for it.

How do I reserve a meeting space?

At the DeRidder branch, there are two meeting rooms, and a grants room that can be reserved. There are three small study carrels which may also be used, but they are on a strict first-come-first-served basis and may not be reserved. If there is a need for any particular equipment, it is a good idea to call the library ahead of time at (337) 463-6217 and check on availability of things such as large screen monitors, projectors, laptops, or other needs. Those reserving a meeting space should check out the library’s Meeting Room Policy.

You can reserve a room by filling out the form on the Meeting Rooms page or calling us at (337) 463-6217.

How do I sign up for the Teen Library Council?

The Teen Library Council, or TLC, is a group of teens that meet once a month during the school year at the DeRidder branch of the Beauregard Parish Library. TLC will essentially be the brains behind our teen library programs. Click here to read our Teen Library Council brochure.

Click here for our Teen Library Council application that you can fill out online or save & then email to us at or mail it to us or bring it in person to the Beauregard Parish Library.