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Just Arrived

Many of our patrons enjoy watching television series produced by the BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation. The library has quite a few of these on DVD to choose from and this week we received a couple of new ones.

Check out:

Broken. This is a six part series starring Sean Bean as Father Michael Kerrigan, a Roman Catholic priest in a city in northern England. Father Kerrigan is well-liked and does his best to help his parishioners as they struggle with the challenges of modern life. He has his own issues stemming from a traumatic childhood and a difficult relationship with his family. His congregation counts on him to guide them as they try to reconcile their beliefs with the stark realities of their very difficult life situations.

Death in Paradise: Season Six. This is the latest season in this detective/mystery series set in the fictional Caribbean Island of Saint Marie. British Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman eagerly anticipates the return of an old friend from England. But soon after she arrives, their new romance is tested with an untimely murder. More murders follow, including a seemingly unsolvable one that takes them back to England.

These series are not rated but are intended for mature audiences and may contain material not suitable for all viewers.

Posted Saturday May 19, 2018 02:00pm

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