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Many parents of young children like to keep them entertained with DVDs from the library. They especially like it when the child is actually learning at the same time. We have a large selection of DVDs produced by PBS Kids, which are great for this. We received some new ones this week from some of the more popular series.

Peg + Cat Out of This World. This series is designed for kids ages 3-5. It features a young girl and her talking cat who solve all sorts of problems. They use math and problem solving skills, which helps children develop the concepts that will form the foundation of math skill all through their lives. The series has won numerous awards including Daytime Emmys. The library has several sets of episodes from this program.

WordWorld: Let’s Make Music. This series features a group of animals that teach preschoolers how to solve problems by building words. They learn how letters form words, which will help guide them into reading. Kids will enjoy how the words actually become the object they name. This series has also won Daytime Emmys and we own many of the sets.

Wild Kratts: Wild Reptiles. The Kratt Brothers are known for their shows about animals. This series is an animated program that teaches kids about wild animals, nature, and conservation. The brothers have “creature power suits” that allow them to experience life as the animals they are studying. They always solve some sort of problem, whether it is foiling the bad guys who may want to hurt the animals, or saving the animals from some other sort of danger. As with the other series, we have several of these sets.

These DVDs are all rated TV-Y, which means that they should be appropriate for young children. But, as always, parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s viewing and decide what is appropriate for them.

Posted Saturday January 13, 2018 02:00pm

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