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Louis L’Amour is considered to have been one of the greatest Western authors of all time. Although he died in 1988, there is still a great deal of interest in his work. This week we received a new book from the Louis L’Amour Lost Treasures Project, which was created to release some of the author’s more unconventional manuscripts from the family archive.

Bendigo Shafter is the classic story of a young man who settles in the rugged mountains of Wyoming with a group of travelers. Together they build a tight-knit community. They are led by a beautiful and resourceful widow, Ruth Macken, and they face many challenges including harsh weather, dangerous renegades, and the destructive lure of gold. These challenges forge Bendigo into a strong man. But when he travels to New York to reclaim his childhood sweetheart, he is faced with a whole new set of challenges. As he faces these new difficulties, he struggles with the fact that the girl he loves may not be willing to leave the glamour of the big city. He will have to decide whether he will be willing to leave the life he has made for himself and try to fit into her world if she will not return with him.

This book contains bonus material by the author’s son Beau L’Amour. He includes the short story that his father wrote for the Saturday Evening Post, that the novel was based upon. In addition, he shares the notes his father made when converting the story into a novel, as well as his personal recollections of his father. This gives the reader a new insight into the life of this great storyteller.

Posted Saturday September 16, 2017 02:00pm

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