Today is the birth anniversary of two greats in American literature: Dorothy Parker and Ray Bradbury.

Poet and short story writer Dorothy Parker "was born on Aug. 22, 1893, in West End (now part of Long Branch), New Jersey, and spent most of her life in New York City." Parker's brief biography in World Book Encyclopedia further notes, "Most of Parker's verse and stories express a humorous but cynical disappointment with life. She often wrote in a biting, ironic style about the loss of love and idealism. Her precise use of language gives her writing a crisp, conversational tone."

Ray Bradbury is remembered as one of the pioneers for science fiction. According to his biography in World Book Encyclopedia "Bradbury's best writing effectively combines a lively imagination with a poetic style. In 2007, Bradbury received a Pulitzer Prize special citation 'for his distinguished, prolific and deeply influential career as an unmatched author of science fiction and fantasy.'" Two of his well-known works include "Fahrenheit 451 (1953) describes a society that bans the ownership of books" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes (1962), a suspenseful fantasy about a black magic carnival that comes to a small Midwestern town."

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