Finding a book you want at the library can be daunting. We have a lot of them, and that's before you add in all of the electronic books, the magazines, the audio books and dvds, and more. That's where the card catalog comes in.

These days, the card catalog is kept electronically, and that means it can be accessed anywhere in the world. You can find it at home by going to the library's home page and picking the My Account button on the left, or jump right in to searching with the Search Our Catalog box in the top right. You can also use access it from dedicated card catalog machines at each of our branches.

While gettings started searching can be easy, the advanced search features can help narrow down the list of materials to things closer to what you're looking for. Advanced search lets you look for things of specific formats, limit the words searched to things appearing as the title, subject, author, or series name, by language, limit the search to things that aren't checked out, and other useful ways.

Give it a try! The library has an amazing collection of things - so dive in and enjoy yourself!