Most of us are concerned about our health and for many of us that includes our diet. There are so many diet books available and the library has most of them in our collection. However, this week we received a new book by a health and wellness consultant that is a little different.

The book Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever is by certified holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach, Kelly LeVeque. She says that the secret for losing weight and being healthy is to attune ourselves to our bodies’ needs and free ourselves from food drama. She calls her book an “essential anti-diet guide.” She has studied most of the popular diets and says that while they may provide limited temporary weight loss, they are not sustainable. She offers a better choice: her four-step program to find your wellness balance between eating enough and deciding how you feel. Once you achieve this balance, she says you will not only lose weight and increase muscle mass, but also see a remarkable improvement in the appearance of your hair and skin, enjoy increased energy and better sleep, and experience a reduction in joint pain and other illnesses.

Kelly’s program shows you how to eliminate cravings, mood swings, and other symptoms caused by food drama. The book is filled with recipes, tips, and resources to help you learn to change your eating habits and change your life. She says we need to feel empowered, not overwhelmed by food and nutrition. Her approach is rooted in the science of human nutrition and puts the power in our own hands to build a healthy lifestyle. You feel the positive results because you are giving your body what it wants and needs.

As always, remember that you should consult your medical professional before beginning any health program or making any changes to your lifestyle that could affect your health. This book is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific conditions or illnesses.