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♬The Music Minute♬

Free Music From Sia from Freegal

Have you seen the movie The Fifth Wave? At the end is a beautiful song with such emotion and almost sing-screaming vocals but it is passionate and beautiful. It is called “Alive” and is found on Sia’s latest album This Is Acting. Her style is offbeat, often positive, often full of pain, but each song always has something to say. Her vocals are expressive and remind you a bit of Rachel Platten but Sia is very much her own artist.

Other albums include: 1000 Forms of Fear with notable cuts “Big Girls Cry” (when their hearts are breaking), “Eye of the Needle”, “Straight for the Knife”-song of pain, “Hostage”-for something bouncier and positive, “Elastic Heart” (you haven’t beaten me).

We Are Born is a sometimes funky album with “Clap Your Hands” and “You’ve Changed”. Sometimes the songs have an 80's feel that remind you of the Go-Go’s like “Stop Trying” and “Bring Night”. Other songs are more pop sounding like “Hurting Me Now” and “Never Gonna Leave Me”. Or maybe you would like the longing sadness of “I’m in Here”.

Sia’s Videos-Cheap Thrills, Alive, Fire Meets Gasoline, Big Girls Cry, Elastic Heart, Chandelier, Clap Your Hands

If you feel like exploring this artist or any others, Freegal the free and legal music site has 5 free downloads a week and 3 free hours daily of commercial-free music streaming. All of this brought to you free of charge by your Beauregard Parish Library.

Posted Monday August 8, 2016 08:00am

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