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The Beauregard Parish Library will meet in regularly-called session at 4:30 on Monday, Aug 2, 2021 at the DeRidder branch of the library, 205 S. Washington Ave. Click here for the full agenda. This meeting is held in compliance with RS 42:14 et seq and is open to the public, unless "Executive Session" is noted.

To attend virtually via Zoom, visit this: Zoom Link.

Click here to read details of our current COVID-19 Phase Operation.

♬The Music Minute♬

Free Music From John Denver from Freegal

Originally born John Deutschendorf, John Denver became a very popular folk and pop singer in the 1970‘s. He sang of love, the beauty of nature, and making a simple life. Freegal, the free and legal music service provided by the Beauregard Parish Library has many albums of John Denver.

  • “Annie’s Song” (You fill up my senses...)- a beautiful love song that compares his love for his wife to the beauties of nature such as a night in the forest, the mountains in springtime, a walk in the rain, a storm in the dessert, a sleepy blue ocean
  • “Rocky Mountain High”-a song about a man who left behind his old life and while everything is not all roses he now enjoys the beautiful Colorado mountains and being high on life
  • “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”- a song about the virtues of a simple life and being grateful with what you have whether you understand the great mysteries of life or not
  • “Take Me Home Country Roads”, “Back Home Again”-songs about going home and appreciating everything about it
  • “Sunshine On My Shoulders”-a simple song about looking at sunshine and the beauty of nature and wishing you the happiness of noticing and feeling the simple things in life
  • “Sweet Surrender”-a song about having no direction in life, without a clue to the future or an understanding of your past, but guided by a higher being and so trying to live a simple life and just living as the animals do, trusting in their existence and future and their higher purpose
  • “Calypso”- a song written in tribute to Jacques Cousteau, a man who explored the beauties and wonders of the ocean and brought them all into our living rooms on TV
  • “Fly Away”-sung with Olivia Newton-John, a song about a sad girl whose dreams have crumbled and is lonely and who just wants to fly away from her life and everything
  • “This Old Guitar”-a song about what his music has meant to him, bringing him love, laughter, friendship and his living, and bringing others cheer and keeping him from loneliness
  • “Love Is Everywhere”-an upbeat cheery song about believing in good things happening and creating your own happiness
  • “Some Days Are Diamonds”-a later hit in the 80’s about some days being good, some bad

    John Denver also did a children’s album, All Aboard! And several live albums and Christmas albums. John Denver also guest starred on Doris Day Today, a TV special with skits and music (yes,the library owns it).

    ✿Remember you have 5 free downloads a week and 3 free hours of commercial-free streaming music a day.

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