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Tech Tips

Today a couple of reminders about our large copy/print machine in the Deridder branch. If you see your job and it says resources required next to it, that means it doesn't have the correct paper for your job. Delete that print and try again, making sure you send your print to the right paper tray.

If you print from a laptop your name will appear as Web User. You will need to check the document name to make sure that it is your print. If you print from the microfilm machine your name will appear as BP Library. Since only one person is using that machine at a time you can be reasonably sure that is your print, but you should always check to make sure it is correct as it may be left over from an earlier use of the machine.

If you have any other questions about printing or copying please feel free to ask. We will be back next week with another Tech Tip.

Posted Tuesday July 21, 2015 12:00pm

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