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Just Arrived

If you are looking for a creative hobby to occupy your time, check out some of our newest books.

Crochet with One Sheepish Girl by Meredith Crawford. This book contains a collection of imaginative crochet projects for everyone from beginners to experienced crocheters. The projects are divided into three categories: Living (home items and party decorations), Giving (cute gifts, cards and boxes) and Wearing (garments and accessories). Meredith Crawford is the author and editor of the popular crafting blog One Sheepish Girl, and her step-by-step tutorials will have you crocheting happily in no time.

Learn to Sew With Lauren by Lauren Guthrie. Go from beginner to accomplished sewer with this book of step-by-step projects that gradually increase in complexity. You will build confidence with the techniques section, which includes photographs and is easy to refer to at any time. From bags, belts and simple tops to cushions and homewares, you can find projects that will interest and challenge you.

The Painting Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired by Alena Hennessy. If you are interested in painting and are looking for creative ideas and inspiration, this is the book for you. It includes 52 creativity prompts along with techniques and styles that will help you develop your talent. The author believes that everyone has “an artist within” and wants to help painters express themselves by exploring their own “visual language”.

If none of these hobbies are exactly what you have in mind, check out the many other types of craft books in our collection. As always, ask a staff member for help if you don’t see what you want.

Posted Thursday April 16, 2015 08:00am

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