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Find It Fridays

For the next few weeks we will cover how physical materials are organized and cataloged at the library. A few segments back we learned how to use the online catalog to find materials and check availability. Now, let’s get into how you find the items once you look them up! This week will cover the adult fiction items and in the next weeks we will look at non-fiction, audio books, DVDs, large print, and juvenile items.

Adult Fiction Books: Here at the library the fiction books are separated into two categories, paperback and hardback. You will be able to tell by the call number, which can be found when you look up items in the catalog, or on the spine of the book itself.

1. FIC or A-AF (Fiction, Adult Fiction)– You may see either of these codes on the spines of the fiction books, both call numbers indicate that the book is an adult fiction book. Books with these call numbers will be hardback books.

2. APB (Adult Paperback)- Any item marked APB will be a fictional, paperback book.

So now you know how to decipher the first grouping of letters in a call number, but what about the second and the third groupings? The other groupings will also have three letters each. The second grouping is the first three letters of the authors last name , and the third grouping is generally the first three letters of the title.

For example: You search the title “Gray Mountain” in the catalog and you are only looking for the physical book version. You would look for this call number: F-AF GRI GRA. From this call number we know the book is a hardcover adult fiction book and that the authors last name starts with GRI (Grisham).

Posted Friday December 12, 2014 09:00am

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