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Monday, 6/24/19, our internet provider is doing some upgrades to our branches at DeRidder, South Beauregard and Fields. You can expect for the internet to be down during this time. The outage at each branch shouldn't be more than about an hour. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Klez email virus

We've had many questions about the Klez "e-mail virus". This is another of the many e-mail viruses which only affect computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system. When an email containing these viruses (or worms) is delivered to a computer running MSWindows, the program collects addresses from the Windows address book, the ICQ database, and other locations. Then it sends emails to these addresses which includes a copy of the program which contains the virus. The Klez virus usually attaches another file at random from the users computer (for example, a document stored on the machine). The subject line it choses is usually related to the file it is sending. The Klez virus also fakes the address headers so it appears to be coming from an email address the virus found in the Windows address book or some other location on the computer. This means that you can no longer count on a trusted sender address to let you know that it is safe to open an email. The virus cannot infect computers running Macintosh, Linux, or other Unix operating systems. Therefore, the virus cannot infect or be sent to you by any computer at the Beauregard Parish Library. If you have an account at the library, and you read your email through Web Mail or Pine, your machine will not be infected unless you chose to download the infected program into your own computer. If you have your email delivered to your computer - especially if you use Outlook Express (e-mail thorugh Internet Explorer) to read your email, keep your virus software up to date and be ready to clean your computer! For more information see: http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.klez.h@mm.html

Posted Wednesday September 18, 2002

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