Solar Powered Charging & Hotspot Benches Installed Around the Parish

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Beauregard Parish Library utilized funds provided through the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act to purchase hot spot benches with solar powered USB chargers to place around the parish at partner agency locations.
The City of DeRidder will be installing benches at 5 parks:

  1. Veterans
  2. Bryant
  3. North
  4. West
  5. Ball fields at West Park

Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office will place one each at their Merryville, Ragley, and – in the future – Wye substations.

The Town of Merrvyille and the South Beauregard Recreation District will also each receive one bench.

Additionally, there will be a bench at the (coming soon) new location in Juanita, just south of Singer.

We’re very excited for this opportunity to bring another method of connectivity to locations across the parish and thankful for our partners in this endeavor.

Here’s Beauregard News coverage of BPL Hotspot Bench community project:




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