How Reading Environment Can Encourage Your Child to Read More

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By taking a moment to think about your child’s reading environment, you can give them a head start on developing a good reading habit. We are surrounded by sights, sounds, and objects, and sometimes these work against forming a good reading habit. The right environment includes good, positive elements and reduces or eliminates bad ones.

What makes a good reading environment? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    1. Have plenty of books on hand. Surrounding your child with books enforces the message that books are good to read, that reading is part of everyday life.
    2. Theme a reading nook. Make it fun, creative, and comfortable. You don’t need a large budget or lots of extra space. You can use items on hand to create a special place for reading in the corner of a bedroom or other small space.
    3. Turn off distractions. Eliminate obstacles for attention by removing or minimizing other options, such as tablets, devices, or television.
    4. Read together. Infuse your child’s reading time with your own enthusiasm and enjoyment of books. As a parent, you affect your child’s environment simply by being there, by being present. By sharing stories together, you create warm, positive memories that last a lifetime and encourage a lifetime of reading.
    5. Bring books with you. Everywhere. Weave reading into the little moments of life—whether it’s riding in the car or waiting for an appointment or going to grandma’s house. You can change an environment by adding a book.
      It’s good to have a special place to read, but it’s also good to make places special by reading.

Do you have any tips on creating a special reading environment for children? Share them with us in the comments.

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