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Baen CDs

The Baen CDs were an experiment to raise sales by giving away a lot of author's backlist novels, free and without copy protection. Each of these CDs, helpfully copied so that you can just browse them, contains as many as 20 or 30 full novels, in a large variety of formats so you can view them on whatever e-book reader you use, or on your computer. Most also contain wallpapers and music, as well.

Baen CD 01 - On Basilisk Station
On Basilisk Station
Originally packaged with a hardcover re-release of David Weber's On Basilisk Station, this CD contains the first 10 Honor Harrington novels, the first 3 Honor Harrington Anthologies, and a couple of dozen other books!
Baen CD 02 - Hells Faire
Hell's Faire
Primarily works by John Ringo, this was included in the 4th novel of the Aldenata/Posleen War series. It also contains a separate trilogy, plus the Legacy of the Aldenata Role-Playing Game, and a nice collection of other books, artwork, and music.
Baen CD 03 - The Far Side Of The Stars
The Far Side of the Stars
David Drake is the featured author on this CD that was released with The Far Side of the Stars. Once again, you get the complete (up until the release of the CD) series of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, as well as a number of other David Drake novels.
Baen CD 04 - There Will Be Dragons
There Will Be Dragons
Another John Ringo CD, this contains the first of a new series for John Ringo based in the far future when almost every shortage is solved. Until someone decides they'll just make some shortages, and take power that way. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the books on this CD have appeared earlier, but some of these may have minor corrections made.
Baen CD 05 - This Scepterd Isle
This Scepter'd Isle
The first Fantasy focused CD, this contains many works by Mercedes Lackey in her universes - specifically, the Urban Elves and Bardic Voices series.
Baen CD 06 - Wind Riders Oath
Wind Rider's Oath
Another Fantasy focused CD, this is a collection where David Weber shines once again, containing the Bazhell trilogy, as well as more Honor Harrington novels, and more novels by more authors - including Keith Laumer's hilarious send-up of diplomatic processes, Retief!
Baen CD 06B - Shadow of Saganami
Shadow of Saganami
Another Fantasy focused CD, this is a collection where David Weber shines once again, containing the Bahzell trilogy, as well as more Honor Harrington novels, and more novels by more authors - including Keith Laumer's hilarious send-up of diplomatic processes, Retief!
Baen CD 07 - Into The Looking Glass
Into The Looking Glass
John Ringo is the focus of this CD once again. Into The Looking Glass is the start of a new series for him, and this collection was primarily intended as a tool for booksellers to promote the book. Still, it has several new books not seen on previous collections.
Baen CD 08 - Ghost
And John Ringo starts yet another new series. However, parents are warned that there are some more adult elements in this story that may not be suitable for younger children. Still, as with all of the CDs, this includes stories not included on earlier CDs.
Baen CD 09 - At All Costs
At All Costs
Back to the Honor Harrington Universe with this CD. Oddly enough, one story is listed, but not actually on the CD.
Baen CD 11 - Unto the Breach
Unto the Breach
John Ringo, again, is the focus of this CD. Unto the Breach is #4 in his Paladin of Shadows series, which started with Ghost, which had an earlier CD with it. It also contains Princess of Wands, starring a conservative christian demon-fighting soccer mom.
Baen CD 12 - Hell Hath No Fury
Hell Hath No Fury
David Weber and Linda Evans open up a new universe: actually, a pair of universes that meet disasterously. One based on magic, the other on technology, war spins out of control.
Baen CD 13 - 1634: The Baltic War
1634: The Baltic War
A CD without the title book on it, due to various factors - but as always, plenty of new stuff to read.
Baen CD 13B - Jim Baens Universe
Jim Baen's Universe
Jim Baen was the publisher who jumped ship from ACE books, to start his own company - the company that brought all of these CDs to us. One of his projects was a quarterly magazine published in massmarket paperback format that collected great SciFi stories and articles. This CD contains the first four volumes, plus a Best Of colllection.
Baen CD 15 - When the Tide Rises
When the Tide Rises
We travel back to the Republic of Cinnabar Navy here, catching up with several novels published in between this one and the previous. As usual, there's a solid collection of other works, but most of them are on previous CDs as well.
Baen CD 16 - Claws That Catch
Claws That Catch
We catch up with John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor as they extend their Jabberwocky-themed series. We also get a number of other works they have written since their last CD. Starting with this CD, the MOBI format files are specifically listed as being Kindle-compatible (they always have been, this is just the first mention of it).
Baen CD 17 - Storm from the Shadows
Storm from the Shadows
Another Honor Harrington catch-up CD, and again, one that does not actually contain the titular title. Still, plenty of other books on there to catch up on!
Baen CD 18 - Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
And back to the Posleen War/Legacy of the Aldenata Universe, by John Ringo.
Baen CD 20 - Torch of Freedom
Torch of Freedom
Another CD without the book, from the Honor Harrington series. However, if you have an Android device, this is the first of the CDs that includes the EPUB format that most Android ebook reader apps use. The MOBI format that Kindle Fire tablets, Kindle E-readers, and the Kindle E-book app uses is still there, though.
Baen CD 22 - Mission of Honor
Mission of Honor
More Honor Harrington. This time, the whole situation blows up far beyond what any of the other books have suggested. At least this CD does contain the previous CD's book, and it actually contains the titular book!
Baen CD 23 - 1635: The Eastern Front
1635: The Eastern Front
This time, at least we get a sample of the titular book, instead of a note that the manuscript wasn't ready. However, there's a huge amount of other stuff on here, a lot of it in EPUB format for the first time, and a fair amount of it for the first time on any of the CDs, including the sequel to the classic story The Witches of Karres, The Sorceress of Karres.
Baen CD 24 - INVASION: The Secret World
INVASION: The Secret World
This CD collects much of Mercedes Lackey's works, but the focus is on the first book compiled from the Secret World Chronicle podcast. A podcast, for those not in the know, is a ongoing series of audio or video recordings posted as downloadable files.
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