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Teen Tuesday: Don't Get Duped

Did you hear that there is a pesticide that is going to kill us all? Did your mother call to tell you that you can get a free gift card? These two stories have one thing in common: neither of them are true!

Fake news is all around us, and being able to decipher what is fake is what is real is becoming a rare, but necessary and important skill. Technology is both a blessing and a curse because it helps us communicate with each other and improves our lives, but fast spreading of information can also mean fast spreading of false information. Knowing the difference can change your life.

The Daily Dot has compiled a list of common fake news sources found on Facebook. It's worth checking out or even bookmarking. Many of them are very convincing!

To learn how to spot fake news, check out

Posted Tuesday June 5, 2018 09:00am

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