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Mail Problems between us and wnonline

Some (or perhaps all) mail sent from our system to addresses is being rejected by the server at We have reported this problem to them -more than once. If it is happening to you, please contact the person you are trying to write to at and ask them to report this. Perhaps if their paying customers ask they will realize that there is a problem. It has been reported to us that says this is our problem. However, the bounce messages clearly indicate that the mail is leaving our system and getting to the mail server at where it is being rejected.

If you have an 'in' at, please contact them and ask their help in resolving this. Since both ISP's are local, there are a lot of people who are being hindered by this.

While you are waiting, you may suggest to your friends at that they consider getting a free E-Mail account from Yahoo or HotMail or one of those services so that they can correspond with you. The only site which is rejecting our mail is so any other server will do. We, of course, continue to offer free E-Mail accounts to anyone with a library card.

Mail sent from is being accepted by our mail server so all of your incoming mail is getting through just fine.

Posted Thursday August 9, 2001

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