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The Singer branch is closed pending a few repairs. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. All materials except laptops and hotspots can still be returned to the Singer branch book drop while we are closed. If you need assistance, please call 337-463-6217 or 800-524-6239 from anywhere inside the parish.

Just Arrived

Check out one of the new books added to the library’s collection this week:

A Life Less Throwaway: The Art of Buying for Life by Tara Button.

Many of us can become overwhelmed by the constant pressure to buy things. We are bombarded by commercials and advertisements for all sorts of products guaranteed to make our lives better and more satisfying. However, the more we spend, the more cluttered our lives become and the more stressed we are. This book, written by an advocate for the global movement to change the way we shop, shows how we can overcome this problem.

Tara Button was once a shopaholic. She has developed a system of “mindful buying” that allows readers to curb the impulse to buy unnecessary things. She shows how to ignore trends and buy only those things that are best for us. She stresses buying things that will last and then taking care of them rather than going for the cheaper, disposable things. She examines that tricks that advertisers use to make us buy more than we need. She also shows how to de-clutter our spaces and find happiness and fulfillment in ways other than buying more “stuff”.

If this book interests you, it can be found in the non-fiction section of the library in Dewey number 381. Check it out and see if it can help you de-clutter and de-stress your life.

Posted Saturday July 7, 2018 02:00pm

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