Families and Parenting

Did you know that August is National Family Fun Month? Families come in every shape and size and are an important part of our lives.

At your library, we have begun hosting a regular meeting of a Breastfeeders Support Group and will soon host the Volunteers of America as they teach a parenting class. Check out our online calendar or call us to learn more about these activities. For additional information on parenting skills, BPL's got your back! In our own collection, you can browse the many titles with a subject heading of "parenting" here.

Access Video on Demand

If you prefer video to the written word, here's a small sampling of what's available from AVOD on parenting.


Junior comes home from school and needs help dividing fractions. Sally isn't sure what her teacher meant by "MLA citations" for her report, and Billy wants a great idea to win this year's Science Fair. What's a Mom or Dad to do?!?

No problem! Access Tutor.com via the button on the left (you'll need your library card number), and click "View Career Resources" towards the bottom of the page beneath SkillsCenter Resource Library. Next, use the drop-down boxes to select the topic : Adult Services and subject : Helping children with homework. The resources listed here (not to mention the live tutors that are always available through Tutor.com's Live Homework Help) will have you back in your Super Parent shoes in no time!

Universal Class

If you'd like to go a little more in-depth in exploring parenting skills while working at your own pace, take a look at the many parenting & family classes available from Universal Class. There are even resources available for the "sandwich generation," adults taking care of their own children as well as their aging parents. From theory to practice, there's a lot to learn!

Posted Friday August 22, 2014 08:00am

Just arrived

If the heat of summer is making it uncomfortable to enjoy outside activities, try curling up in the air conditioned comfort with a good book. We are constantly adding new titles of all types of books, so there should be something for every taste.

If you enjoy a good mystery, check out Death on the Blackheath by Anne Perry. Set during the reign of Queen Victoria in England, commander of the powerful Special Branch Thomas Pitt has the difficult job of keeping Britain safe from spies and traitors. He investigates the disappearance and possible murder of the maid to a naval weapons expert, which leads to what may be a devilish conspiracy that could destroy both Pitt and Britain.

If romance is more to your liking, try One Heart to Win by Johanna Lindsey. Tiffany Warren is supposed to go west and meet the father she has never known and marry the son of his enemy. This will end a long feud between the families. Instead, she decides to pretend to be her father’s new housekeeper in order to find out more about the whole situation. However, the enemy’s family kidnaps the “housekeeper” when she arrives. She finds herself living in the same camp as the man who would be her fiance. The two are drawn together, but difficulties ensue when the deception is exposed.

Or maybe you prefer a good fantasy story. Fool’s Assassin is the first book in a trilogy by acclaimed author Robin Hobb. FitzChivalry, an assassin introduced in Hobb’s earlier Farseer novels, has left his life of intrigue behind. He is now living as Tom Badgerlock, married to his childhood sweetheart and leading a quiet country life. Quiet, that is until some menacing, pale-skinned strangers appear and cast a sinister spell over Fitz and his future. Now he must take up his former life in order to protect his new one.

Posted Thursday August 21, 2014 01:40pm

Driver License Guide FYI

A library is more than just books and DVDs or really fun programs. We connect patrons to the information they need that will make their lives easier. Recently our patrons have been asking about the Louisiana Driver License guides, so here are a few things to know about that.

  • The website for the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles is located at http://www.expresslane.org/, and the various documents (Forms, Study Guides, Affidavits, etc) are located under Forms/Study Guides.

  • The library has printed copies of the Class D & E Driver's Guide (R0613) in both our circulating and reference collections. The circulating one can be checked out and taken home, but the reference copy is for in-house library use only.

  • To view the guides online, patrons can use the computers in our lab or check out laptops and use our WiFi. Please note that patrons must have a card in good standing and an Electronic Services username and password to use Library lab computers or connect to our WiFi network. There are additional requirements for checking out laptops.

  • Copies of the study guide can be printed with our color copy machine. Given the number of pages in the study guide, this is one of the more expensive options.

  • Copies of the study guide can be transferred to portable media to view on a computer. If needed, the library does sell blank CDs and flash drives. The study guide can be burned to a CD on the library computers.

If you have further questions on this topic, please refer to the friendly staff. You can also click the Community page for links to useful Parish, State and Federal websites.

Posted Wednesday August 20, 2014 12:00pm

TumbleBooks and AudioBookCloud

Are you using TumbleBooks and AudioBookCloud? If not, you should be!

This set of 4 distinct yet interconnected products has books for all ages, from beginning readers through adults. All books are available with unlimited access, all the time, from any device with an internet connection. You never have to wait for a book you like if it comes from TumbleBook Library, Tumble Book Cloud Junior, Tumble Book Cloud or Audio Book Cloud. Parents will also be pleased to note that the three Tumble products contain Accelerated Reader and Common Core information as appropriate to each title.

Here are some specifics about the products.

TumbleBook Library

Tumble Book Library has interactive storybooks, chapter books, nonfiction, language learning, puzzles, and games for kindergarten through sixth grades. This is the product to use for new readers getting started because there are a variety of tools to help their learning.

TumbleBook Cloud, Jr.

TumbleBook Cloud, Jr is an online collection of ebooks and read-along chapter books, non-fiction books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books! This database is a great option for adventurous young readers who wish to read beyond the picture book collection in the TumbleBookLibrary. It is designed specifically for kids in grades three to six.

TumbleBook Cloud

TumbleBook Cloud is an online collection of ebooks and read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books! TumbleBooks' one-of-a-kind Read-Along format combines the flexibility of an ebook with full-length professional narration highlighted text so kids can follow along, which helps improve childhood literacy. The Read-Alongs also include classic titles students will encounter in literature classes, such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Hamlet, and The Great Gatsby.


AudioBookCloud is an online audio book library collection of streaming audio books with unlimited simultaneous access. It has both fiction and popular nonfiction. This is appropriate for both teens and adults because of the wide variety of content. It has enhanced usability features such as bookmarks to make it easy to return to where you were listening the last time without losing your place in the audio.

If you have any questions on this or any of our other library products and services, please let us know. We have a friendly staff waiting to serve you.

Posted Monday August 18, 2014 01:00pm

Beginners Computer Class

It's only one week away!

Posted Saturday August 16, 2014 08:00am

Genealogy Resources

We are very excited about the way Beauregard Parish patrons have embraced using World Vital Records for genealogy and research!

We have a few more resources that may be of help to beginners and seasoned researchers alike. Here are a few things we have for you:

Universal Class

Our free leisure learning and continuing education module from Recorded Books has classes on several subjects, but for the beginner there is a Genealogy 101 class. Universal Class is available online 24/7, and users can sign up for classes at any time. There is a limit of 5 concurrent classes, but users may take as many different classes as desired. All successfully completed classes (70% pass rate or higher) earn a printable certificate.

Access Video on Demand

For those who want to watch and learn, AVOD has several film clips that include both how-tos and interesting quests in the realm of genealogy. To look at find search results click genealogy in AVOD.

Here is a sample video from the collection:

"An expert provides tips for researching genealogy. The United States Census has the most extensive genealogical data available."

Online Catalog

Beauregard Parish Library's own Online Public Access Catalog shows several genealogical items that are available to check out from the library or through online sources such as OverDrive.

The search term genealogy can be put in the Search Our Catalog box above, or users can click this handy link. Subject: Genealogy*

*Note: The search link retrieves only items that have been marked with "genealogy" as a subject. Additional items do show up as a general keyword search.

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YA Reading Suggestions

Looking for something to read now that you've finished Divergent and your tears have dried from The Fault in Our Stars ?

Posted Friday August 15, 2014 09:00am

Tech Tips

For today's tip we would like to offer a short reminder that if you experience a problem on one of the computers at any of our library branches, please notify a staff member. Do not try to "fix" it yourself by turning the computer off and on again or any other quick solution. The library's I.T. staff likes to know about any problems with our computers and turning them off with the switch etc. masks the problem or it can possibly make the problem worse. So once again, if you experience a computer problem please let a staff member know and do not try to fix it yourself. Thank you.

Posted Tuesday August 12, 2014 12:00pm

Expanded Online Catalog

One of the goals of a library is to make reliable information easier to find. To get to that goal, we have added records for our various digital holdings into our online catalog so you can see all you're searching for in one place! See that search box at the top of the page? You can do all your searching there to get our many resources.

Here is what you'll find:

Access Video on Demand
Catalog search will bring up links to relevant video segments so you can click and view
Chilton Online Auto Repair Manuals
Search by year, make and model to find the link to your vehicle
OverDrive Digital Library
Items added to OverDrive from September 2013 to present are in our online catalog, too!

OverDrive Notes

  • The records for OverDrive materials added previous to September 2013 will be added to the catalog as soon as we have them.
  • Check outs and holds for OverDrive ebooks, audio and videos still happen inside the LSW OverDrive website. Click the link to your selected item to finish your checkout or hold.
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    Posted Monday August 11, 2014 01:00pm

    Celebrate With BPL

    Posted Saturday August 9, 2014 09:00am

    August Teen Scene

    Posted Thursday August 7, 2014 09:00am

    August Calendar

    Time flies and we don't want you to miss out on all that your library has to offer!

    Take a look at our August calendar and make plans for some quality time at your library.

    Posted Wednesday August 6, 2014 09:00am

    Public Notice

    Board Meeting

    The Library's Board of Control will meet in regular session at our DeRidder branch (205 S. Washington Ave.) on August 6, 2014 at 4:30pm. All regular session meetings of this board are open to the public.

    An agenda for this meeting will be posted on the front door of the DeRidder branch no less than 24 hours before the meeting.

    Posted Tuesday August 5, 2014 08:00am

    Summer Car Care

    Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV, it's always important to keep your vehicle in good working condition. The library has free resources to help you save time, money and avoid accidents of the automotive nature. Here are a few you can use at home and on the go.

    Chilton Library Chilton Online Auto Repair Manuals brings everything that Chilton's is known for and puts it in easy reach 24/7. The Gale mobile app (iTunes or Google Play) makes it even easier to use whenever and wherever you need it.

    Popular features include:

    • Maintenance and specification tables that provide the unique data you need for each specific vehicle
    • Step-by-step service and repair procedures supported by close-up graphics which give you the ability to determine your next move with expertise and confidence
    • Vacuum diagrams to simplify troubleshooting
    • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation
    • Close-up photographs and illustrations for visual support
    • A print button which allows you to easily print out what is needed


    If you need to use Consumer Reports to find out more information about a vehicle you want to buy, you can find that in EBSCOhost's MasterFILE Premier.

    To find the specific journal you need, click the word "Publications" at the top left corner in your web browser. (It may be in a different location for those using EBSCO's mobile platform.) From that screen users can browse publications by name (i.e. Consumer Reports) or by letter of the alphabet (C). When you find the magazine you want, you can then select the issue to get the full text articles.

    Please note that articles from journals in MasterFILE Premiere are downloaded individually instead of as a complete magazine issue.


    We have currently have subscriptions to 4 Wheel Drive and Car and Driver magazines that are available for free through Zinio 24/7. These magazines are full and complete issues. They can be viewed online or downloaded to a mobile device. Once you have checked them out, they are yours to keep forever. Back issues to the beginning of our subscription period (January 2014) are also available.

    Posted Monday August 4, 2014 11:15am

    BookBrowse Giveaway

    Did you know that BPL subscribes to BookBrowse, an interactive magazine for book lovers?

    BookBrowse offers:

    Reviews, excerpts and "beyond the book" articles.
    Browsing by genre, time period, geographical setting and theme.
    Handpicked "If you like this, try these" recommendations.
    Resources for book clubs including discussion guides, and online discussions.
    One-click links from each book to our library catalog.

    Through August, BookBrowse is giving away FREE BOOKS to new subscribers to its mailing list. Each week there will be three winners who will be able to choose the book of their choice from a selection of over 60 popular titles.
    Click to access BookBrowse and then look for the signup block on the homepage.

    Posted Friday August 1, 2014 07:00am

    Say Farewell to SRP

    Posted Thursday July 31, 2014 03:30pm

    Just Arrived

    Zombies seem to be the new thing in popular culture these days. Whether it is the hit television series The Walking Dead, or the huge number of books featuring the undead, they are everywhere! We were excited this week to receive the much anticipated new book Encyclopedia of the Zombie. This informative and well-researched book has entries covering all things zombie. Articles are presented in alphabetical format covering such interesting topics as the history and different types of zombies, zombies in movies and television, zombie books, and much more.

    We here at the library are especially proud that one of our own, Associate Director of Public Services, Celise A. Reech-Harper, is one of the contributing authors of this book. She researched and wrote several of the entries, including a fascinating article about video games featuring zombies.

    This book can be found in the non-fiction section of the library, Dewey number 398.21. It is available for check-out, so you can take your time and read through all of the interesting articles. We also have many of the books and movies that are discussed, so you might want to check them out as well. Remember, for help in locating this, or any other library material, please ask one of our helpful staff members who are always happy to assist you.

    Posted Thursday July 31, 2014 09:00am


    The story time bookmobile will not be available at East Beauregard today due to scheduling conflicts.

    We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to visit any of our open branches for services.

    Posted Wednesday July 30, 2014 09:00am

    Anniversary: World War I

    World War I began 100 years ago with inciting event being the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on July 28, 1914. Many have considered The Great War to be the first truly modern war, and it has fascinated historians and history buffs ever since.

    The library has many different items to feed your curiosity about World War I, whether you want fact or fiction, information for personal curiosity or for school reports. While not an exhaustive list, here are a few things for your consideration.

    Inside the Library

    For books and DVDs the library has, check this subject in our online catalog: World War I (includes both fiction and nonfiction)

    Items we recommend

    Access Video on Demand

    There are 120 historical film reels from the time with aspects of both military and civilian life. All clips from AVOD include citations for research or reports. To browse the film clips, click World War I (1914-1918).

    Embedded below is a clip from that set of the armistice at the end of the war in 1918:

    Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

    In Flanders Fields (full text) by John McCrae

    "A little more than a year after Great Britain officially entered the First World War, McCrae, a Canadian, published this poem anonymously in a popular English magazine. McCrae died only two years later, but public response to the poem was so rapid and astonishing that he had the satisfaction of knowing that he had written the most popular poem associated with the war." (more)

    Other poems about World War I

    Freegal Music

    One of many pieces of music available: World War I songs in Hi-Fi

    All users with Electronic Services accounts in good standing can download 3 pieces of music every week. To listen to a full song without downloading it, all users can stream this or any other audio for free for three hours a day without advertisements or interruption. Users log in with library card number and electronic services password.

    World Vital Records

    Click on the Card Catalog page to do a search for specific records. To gather World War I era records, we suggest typing "world war" into the search box and selecting 1900-1919 in the year range.

    Posted Tuesday July 29, 2014 03:00pm

    Library Late Night

    Get ready to see stars!

    Posted Tuesday July 29, 2014 08:30am

    New Genealogy Resource

    Beauregard Parish Library now has World Vital Records online database to provide greater access to billions of records and genealogical collections. Patrons can use it in the library and at home 24/7 with a Beauregard Parish Library card.

    World Vital Recordis designed for people who are either just beginning their family research or who after years of work want to discover more of their past. This massive library has billions of Family History and Genealogy records, and millions of family trees. Access key collections are: U.S. Federal Census images and indexes from 1790 to 1940; military records; birth, marriage and death records; enhanced Social Security Death Index (SSDI) records; millions of newspaper articles. This database has unique and exclusive local and world collections.

    Try it by clicking the World Vital Records link at left or come into the library and ask one of our helpful staff about it.

    Posted Friday July 25, 2014 09:00am
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