Calling All Teens!

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Hey Teens, if you’re looking for a place to hang out and have fun, come by the library! Every Thursday there’s an awesome event planned just for teens.

Teen movie night in bright lights

September 29th at 5:00 PM This month there are 5 Thursdays so that means it’s Movie Night time! September’s movie is Free Guy, which is about a person that finds out he’s an NPC (non-playable character) in a video game. It’ll be sure to make you laugh, so come out on September 29th at 5PM and check it out!


anime character's face

September 1st at 6:00 PM We’re continuing with Erased, watching episodes 7 through 9. The teens have really enjoyed this anime series so if you’ve never watched it, go watch the first 6 episodes then join us for Anime Club! We also have the first three volumes of the manga, so check that out! We’ll be finishing the series out with episodes 10-12 in November, so be sure to make it for the wild finale to this psychologically thrilling anime series.

Teen Science Club

September 8th at 6:00 PM What happens when you strategically place craft sticks to form a long chain? Come find out at Science Club when we explore chain reactions. Who can make the longest chain?


Teen DIY - Do it yourself

September 15th at 6:00 PM Nostalgia alert! Ask your parents if they remember what boondoggles are – they may get so excited that they’ll want to make one too! It’s a cool twisty pattern made with plastic lacing. Once you learn how to get one started and make your first one, you’ll be hooked!


Teen talk

September 22nd at 5:00 PM In August, we had our first Teen Talk meeting and it was awesome! We had Mr. John from Big Brothers Big Sisters come out and chat with the teens and we colored while we talked. This program is for teens between the ages 16-19 and designed to be a safe and comfortable space to come and just chill or talk to an adult about your frustrations.

Disclaimer: Please note that Beauregard Parish Library staff and community attendees are not therapists and are therefore not licensed to provide therapy sessions to attending teens. We are offering teens a space to talk about their issues and can refer them to counselors should the need arise.

teen game night

September 22nd at 6:00 PM Think you have what it takes to rank supreme in Mario Kart? Start practicing now because we’ll be playing this for Game Night – prizes will be awarded!



diversity, hands together

September 27th at 4:30 PM Our first Teen Library Council Meeting will be this month! We will have meetings once a month, usually on the last Tuesday of the month, at 4:30PM. Most meetings will consist of assisting the programming department, usually grab-n-go kits, and occasionally helping straighten the teen room. If you need volunteer hours for school, this gives you the opportunity to get an hour per month credit. TLC looks really great on college applications, too!

We hope to see you this month!


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