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Beauregard Parish Library brings you SkillMill: Online, On-Demand Skilled Trades Training Courses

Train to be job-ready in weeks, not years.

Interplay Learning is preparing the next generation of skilled workers with SkillMill, the world’s leading skilled trades training platform. Digital training simulations and VR develop on-the-job skills quickly and efficiently, building better careers and lives for the essential trade skills.

Training consists of:

  • Assessments of your knowledge of HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Repairs, and Appliances
  • Videos
  • Knowledge checks
  • Virtual Reality Simulations (can be 3D with a VR headset, or 2D with a computer or tablet; at the moment, 3D simulations are not playable on phones)

Download info sheet with FAQ here.

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The SkillMill platform includes short, expert-led video courses, 3D simulations, assessments, knowledge checks, and learning paths to help you advance your technical skills faster and more efficiently than traditional training methods.

Each checkout is for three weeks. 

With your login, you will have on-demand access to the entire SkillMill course library, including videos and simulation courses in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, facility maintenance, and more. Courses cover beginner to advanced content, and the catalog is ever-expanding, with new courses continuously being released to make your learning experience more powerful.

  1. Training (Easy)
    1. Detailed procedure guide and highlights
    2. Assisted tool usage and navigation
    3. No scoring
  2. Challenge (Intermediate)
    1. Randomized scenarios
    2. Limited procedure guide
    3. Tool usage and navigation help
    4. 80% required passing score
  3. Assessment
    1. Randomized scenarios
    2. No procedure guide or tool/nav help
    3. 100% required passing score

Contact the library for assistance.
Phone: (337) 463-6217 Or 1-800-524-6239

SkillMill Screen with navigation tips

Once you have an account, use the same email to log in each time. This will give you access to previous certificates and coursework.

Additional help? Email or call the library at (337) 463-6217.