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2006-03-13 20:05

As usual, I suck at blogging. I keep not finding time to do it. I dunno, I just don't do it. And I really should. I tried to encourage it last time I updated this one, and you can see how well that worked!

Anyway, my announced topic was space travel. And it's starting to become a big thing once more, now that so much is starting to come together, and so many new discoveries popping up.

Our big mistake came in the early 70s, when we threw away all of the Apollo know-how, and retreated. Even Skylab was one last gasp to get rid of some of the left-overs from the Apollo series. All Skylab really was was a left-over third stage, that they converted.

We had a space station - true, it was a crude one - but we had one. We could have added on to it. We could have started projects of actually growing algae in space, and other recycling projects to learn what worked, and what didn't. Instead, we flew to it three times after it was launched. The first manned mission (the launch mission was unmanned) was mostly spent repairing things that went wrong during launch, which to my way of thinking was a perfectly wonderful job, since it showed that even if things went wrong, we could repair them in orbit!

Instead, we quickly dropped the Skylab missions, and went forward to the Space Shuttle concept. And if any project ever developed a nasty case of feature creep, it was the Space Shuttle. It quickly became a case of things being added - first it was supposed to be strictly an experimental airframe for testing, then it was supposed to ferry satellites to orbit, and then the idea of repairing satellites in orbit came, then ferrying parts and supplies for a space station got added.

This ignored that there were really two different modes of flight needed. Cargo flights could go up with much lower reliability requirements, and with higher thrust profiles that humans can't really withstand. Human flights need lower g-forces, but at the same time, you want them blowing up much less often.

And really, we did get a fairly modular system. We have the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs), which are fairly easily recovered and reused. We have the External Tanks (ETs), which for some odd reason we decided to throw away, instead of boosting into orbit and storing - something that didn't actually need any extra fuel. And with the current costs of launching material to orbit, those tanks would have been valuable sources of raw materials to be put to use as shielding for a space station, or even storage space. Left over hydrogen and oxygen could have been recovered, and used for breathing, or for burning in fuel cells to provide power and drinking water.

But even without the Space Shuttle, we could have done so much in space just using the Apollo systems. Costs would have come down with the ordering of more vehicles - anyone in manufacturing can tell you that on a per-item basis, it's generally cheaper to make a hundred of an item, than a one-off. There were three fully functional Skylab modules built - one which was launched, and two that are now at space museums in Washington DC and Johnson Space Center in Houston. If the second had just been launched, using the lessons from the first one's launch, there'd have been a nice-sized base to use to build onto.

Still, we have hope today, in the growing private sector development of space travel. We have Dick Ruttan, Scaled Composites, Richard Branson, and Virgin Galactic developing the infrastructure to move people up and down to orbit. We have Robert Bigalow of Bigalow Aerospace developing space habitation modules, using a program of requiring second and third sources for all parts and materials being used. We have SpaceX building the Falcon series of reuseable cargo lifters, aiming for a per-pound launch price less than a tenth of current prices. All of this is a good start.

But eventually, we need more. Every remaining Space Shuttle launch should be loaded as heavily as consistent with its mission, parking extra supplies - even if it's just large rocks that can be slowly shifted to match orbits with the Space Station for making a bow shield against orbiting debris. I'm sure more useful things could be easily found to fill the cargo bay with.

The Space Station also needs a "janitor". Admitted, this would have to be a janitor with degrees in mechanical engineering, and a thorough understanding of the systems of the Space Station, but he would free up the scientists from having to take care of things around the station they're trained in from an emergency care point of view. He could also prepare meals for them. In general, with one janitor, the station could then handle having 6-8 other crew members with ease.

We also need a station around the Moon, probably attached to a space elevator-type construction, which due to the Moon's lower gravity, would be much shorter, and much easier to build - probably not even requiring particularly exotic materials, as the Earth Space Elevator would require. Then it might be convenient to have a Station that orbited in a figure-8 fashion between the Earth and the Moon, to act as a ferry, with ships carrying crews to Earth orbit, a quick hop to the ferry as it flies by, dropping off the Moon crew coming back from their tour.

That's another thing those external tanks might come in useful for - providing a framework for building lunar settlements. Drop an ET on the lunar surface, cover with dirt, and start inflating an airtight inner liner, and you have somewhere to live! Of course, we don't really know what we'd be doing there on the Moon. It's really senseless to try to guess. We've barely been there. But if there's one thing history tends to show, it's that we always seem to find something to do when we get anywhere new.

Oh, well. We'll get there, sooner or later. There's too many people like me who will, once we get there, find something to do! Me, I can see trying beds of plants to find which ones best grow in the lunar soil, and exchange oxygen most efficiently. I'd also be working on ways to store light from the day phase on the Moon to light my plots during the night phase (though, if the lunar colony is planted near the poles, might not really need to! Just arrange light-pipes to gather from whichever way is lit!)

And I think that's enough rambling for now. Wonder when I'll come up with more. Still, space travel is something I feel pretty strongly about. It seems a crying shame to me to look up at the full moon rising, and to know that we've been there, and just gave it up.

Looking at the way this is going, I think I'm really going to have to think about the organization of this page!

2005-11-22 22:40

Well, my first blog entry. Been thinking about doing it for several days, but now I'm finally getting around to it. Nothing too important at this point, really - just a curious thought that runs through my mind.

I've got this picture, a really nice one, that I printed off from some website somewhere - I don't really remember where. It's a really nice picture, of a fairy sitting with one knee drawn up to her chest. She's wearing grey sweats, and a long-sleeved top.

The other day, I was looking at it, and something odd struck me. How does she get that top on? The way the picture is drawn, neither of the normal ways of putting on apparel - either through the top, or the bottom, would work, because the wings would get in the way. The only thing I can really figure is a cut-out in the back, that she could step into, then put her head through. It's not obvious in this picture, though, perhaps there's some elastic to pull the hole to a minimal size - just enough for the wings to get through.

Still, I think it'd be interesting to see a fairy from the back, a clothed one. I've seen a fair number of naked ones - though the wing attachment points always seem to get kind of glossed over. Interesting, though. I would love to have the talent to draw these kinds of pictures. I really would. There's so many things I imagine in my head, that I can't get my hands to cooperate in putting on paper.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. Maybe tomorrow or whenever, I'll rant about the space program.

Free E-Books

Most free E-Books online are either samples given out by publishers, often hidden behind shopping carts where you end up still having to give a credit-card number to "check out", or they're nothing much more than the Project Gutenburg collection of public domain material, converted into whatever format they're pushing.

But there are actual, full novels and books, easily downloaded, that are freely available. A lot of them are works relating to computer geek culture, and the changes it is impressing on the more general populace, but over and above even that are actual books, science fiction and fantasy are the most popular, that have been published in traditional paperback, even hard-back, that are also published on the web, with full legal rights to download. One of the big names that tried this, and did it with much fanfare, was Stephen King, but I don't believe his project went over that well. Publishers have also been doing this - Baen being probably the most prolific. Another approach is one taken by Lawrence Watt-Evans, where he posts chapters at a time, and as long as enough people send in donations (he's got a specific amount, any extra counts towards the next period, and it's a reasonable amount, he posts all of the story - and in fact, he did get enough, and he did post the whole thing. I'll list it below. There's also random authors who actually retain the rights and publish their entire work on the web, usually under some form of Creative Commons license. So, read, pay attention to the rules for distribution, and enjoy!

  • The Spriggan Mirror by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • Star Dragon by Mike Brotherton
  • The Baen Free Library - A collection of free books, many of them very popular titles for Baen Publishing
  • The Baen CDs - Baen also included, either in it's books, or in promotional material to booksellers, a number of CDs containing free e-books, some already in the Baen Free Library, others not. The 10 CDs to date contain more than 110 different books, although most books appear on more than one of the CDs.

Harry Potter Fanfic info:

    A good site, with a few selected authors that update regularly. The emphasis seems to be on quality over quantity. The site design is very clean and usable. All types of stories, including non-Harry Potter fanfics and crossovers are here, but the primary focus is Harry Potter fanfics. Stories range from K to the lower levels of X.
    A nice site so far, that focuses primarily on sexually-oriented stories. Free registration is required.
    A general fanfic website, not one specifically for Harry Potter stories. It allows sexually-oriented material, although requiring free registration to access it. There's a collaborative rating system to help find stories you might like.
    Another general fanfic website, but possibly the largest out there. Author's profiles include listings by them of their favorite authors and stories from the site, as an aid to finding more good reading material.
    A very emphatically Harry Potter only fanfic site, with Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Remus/Tonks pairings, or pairings of minor characters that don't contradict the above, being the only ones acceptable (other than transitory pairs for story purposes). Sexually-oriented stories are not accepted.
    Harry Potter fanfics, with a strong emphasis on thorough proofing to try to raise the quality. Generally no adult material, though. Strong emphasis on being in canon - and the movies are definitely not canon. Many very good stories here.
    A relatively small collection, but well split up by pairings. Some stories are very mature, though.
  • MuggleNet
    MuggleNet is primarily a Harry Potter news site, but it also has a fairly good sized collection of fanfics.
  • Eros & Sapphos
    If you are easily offended, stay away from this website - this site is entirely "slash" - that is, male/male or female/female romances. If this is not your thing - there's a whole bunch of other sites listed above.
  • Lumos
    A general Harry Potter fanfic site with a good number of stories. Feel free to stop in and visit!
  • Sink Into Your Eyes
    Often referred to on other websites as SIYE, this site focuses on Harry/Ginny fanfics. Primarily organized by where in the timeline the stories fall (pre-Order of the Phoenix, Post-Order of the Phoenix, Post-Half Blood Prince, or Alternate Universe).
    A somewhat odd site, in that it's divided into several subsections, but those subsections are also treated as separate sites, even to having their own domain names (,,, and Lots of very unusual stories here, too. Seems to be one of the sources for a lot of the "ship" names describing the various pairings.
    Strictly a Ron & Hermione site, this one doesn't seem to actually host much, rather selecting stories from other sites and linking to them.
  • Flourish and Blotts
    A small little site, dedicated to the Draco/Hermione pairing. It takes all kinds, I guess.
  • The Ruby Quill
    While saying it takes all kinds of stories, a quick survey of this relatively small site finds most of the stories are male slash, especially Harry/Draco and Harry/Lucius. However, it does seem to be a well-done site, so if that's your kind of story, take a look!
  • Simply Undeniable
    Dedicated to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione fics. Others are allowed as long as they don't contradict the two canon romances. Really nice graphics, too. Not a large site, but a smooth browsing experience.
  • The Hidden Tower
    Another small site, with a few selected authors. Very nicely done, easy on the eyes.
    A very large site, which claims to be the oldest site dedicated specificaly to Harry Potter fanfics. Allows banner images on stories, which can sometimes get distracting, but over all, a good place to look for something to read.
    A fairly large store of fanfiction, with very colorful text. Primarily focused on Harry/Hermione, Lily/James, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Luna stories.
  • The Unknowable Room
    Another small archive, this one set up after a break caused by certain policy changes at, and the subsequent deletion by them of a number of fanfics.
    While not huge, there's a good selection of stories available, all categorized quite nicely. The layout of the site is pretty straight-forward as well.
  • HP Romance
    A Place For All Shippers - site is on hiatus, but has some nice artwork. Doesn't seem to host much content directly, instead re-organizing and linking to other sites - much like my site.
  • Harry Potter All Grown Up
    I'm not real sure about this site, but they've got several stories, so I went ahead & listed them. They're in the process though of moving off of a geocities-based site, so that probably accounts for a lot of the issues.
    No relation that I can see to, but basically the same kind of site, except that it focuses on adult fanfics. Categorization is primarily by the pairing in the story, but the list of pairings shows a certain lack of imagination, having a section for Harry/Other Male Character, but none for Harry/Other Female Character, nor a section for multiples. Still, some good stories, as usual.
  • Checkmated
    A medium-sized collection, the site bills itself as a Ron/Hermione site, but there certainly are other pairings represented.
Authors & Stories
  • Potter's Revenge
    A very funny fanfic about what happens when Harry gets his inheritance on his 17th Birthday. Wonderful revenge story against the Dursleys (One-shot, completed)
  • I Will Not Be
    A short little ficlet in which Harry snaps. Very elegantly done. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • The Father
    Harry finds out that his father isn't who he thought it was. (21+ Chapters, last updated 2005/09/05, H/Hr)

  • A New World
    The final battle is over, and our heroes are beyond exhausted. A final gift from Dumbledore takes them to a place where they can rest and recover from the horrors they experience. Both heart-wrenching and hilarious in turns. (12 Chapters+, incomplete, last updated 2005/10/10. H/G/Hr/R/N extended family)
  • Never Trust
    A memoir of Harry's experiences of being sentenced to 9 months in Azkaban for casting the Cruciatus at Bellatrix in Order of the Phoenix. Very powerful, for what is listed as a first fanfic. (One-shot, completed, H/G)
  • The Power The Dark Lord Knows Of
    Absolutely hilarious - using the Prophecy against itself to make Harry more and more powerful. A full-fledged Monty Hall SuperHarry story with a truly beautiful ending! (One-shot, completed, H/G)
Abraxan [ALT]
  1. The Refiner's Fire [ALT]
    Opening during the summer before Harry's 6th year, Harry finds a job while at the Dursleys', making some muggle friends, and finding himself with a muggle talent. But a reporter's snoopiness results in tragedy, causing Harry to undergo the ordeal known as the Refiner's Fire. Somewhat mature in subject matter. (40 Chapters, completed, H/OC, H/G, R/Hr, Re/T)
  2. The_Time_Of_Destiny [ALT]
    Sequel to "The Refiner's Fire". Harry receives a head injury on the Hogwarts Express while returning home for summer vacation before his 7th year. Remus is appointed to stay with him to make sure he's ok, much to the dismay of the Dursleys. Harry has a very rough 7th Year. (22+ Chapters, incomplete, last updated 2005/11/23, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Harry Potter and the Well Intentioned Friends
    Ginny & Ron decide that something has to be done about Harry's moping and hiding from everyone. Ron even unbends enough to tell Ginny that he'd understand if she had to make the Ultimate Sacrifice. They get a bit of a surprise, though, when they finally open his door. (1 Chapter, complete, H/T/Hr)
  • Peaceful Moments Are a Rare Joy
    Desperate for a chance to do the big family Christmas thing with the vast Weasley Clan, Ron asks Hermione to stay behind and take care of Harry. Hermione roams the halls of Hogwarts, until she comes upon Harry sleeping in the Common Room, muttering about monkeys. (2 Chapters, complete, H/Hr, N/G, R/L)

  • Dark as Pansies
    A romantic look at a cross-house relationship (1 Chapter, complete, L/Pansy)
  • Nymphadora Tonks Loves Her Mother
    A quick look at the relationship between Tonks and her mother, and how Tonks ended up with her first name. (1 Chapter, complete, Re/T)
  • The Naked Quidditch Match
    An amazingly funny story of a game of Magical Truth or Dare gone horribly wrong. Very effective in its use of M-Mail (Magic-Mail, the Wizarding world equivalent of E-mail) (10 Chapters, completed, H/G, R/Hr)

Bob & Alyx [ALT]
  1. Sunset Over Britain
    Harry becomes critically ill over the summer at the Dursley's, and Remus has to rescue him, when it becomes apparent that Dumbledore is not as interested in Harry's health as he is in Harry's use as a weapon against Voldemort and stepping stone to fame as the Greatest Wizard Ever. Prophecies lead Harry to discover that Voldemort must completely conquer Britain before Harry can defeat him, so Harry does his best to save as many as he can. Extremely dark fanfic, with mature scenes. (25 Chapters, completed, H/Hr, D/L, N/G, etc.)
  2. Sunrise Over Britain Britain has fallen to the Dark Lord Voldemort, but Harry's plans to contain him have born fruit. Now the question is if Harry can see things through to the end. (3+ Chapters, last updated 2005/12/12, H/Hr, D/L, N/G, etc.)
  1. Dumbledore's Army
    During the summer after Harry's 5th year, Vernon sends him to work for a neighbor who happens to be a muggle soldier. He learns aspects of muggle fighting that he elects to start incorporating into his DA lessons. (15 Chapters, completed, H/G, R/Hr, N/L)
  2. Harry Potter and the Spiritus Crystalus
    Sequel to "Dumbledore's Army", Harry learns a new spell, but it's still a long road to the final defeat of Voldemort. (16 Chapters, completed, H/G, R/Hr, N/L)
  • Attack of the Fan Fic Authors
    Harry, Voldemort, Pettigrew, and others take it in the shorts in this in-depth analysis (yeah, right!) of various fanfic author's styles. (8 Chapters, complete)
  • Parallels
    Done with the War against Voldemort, and finding that the girl he loved is dead, and the girl he could have loved is getting married, Harry finds nothing holding him to this world. But in the final days of the War, Dumbledore taught Harry another option. A most wonderful story. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr)
Crys [ALT] [ALT]
  • The Unknown Power [ALT] [ALT - incomplete]
    Harry & Ginny manage to kill Voldemort by Halloween of Harry's 6th Year. After that, Harry & Ginny go on to have a good life. (7 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • The Morning After
    The Weasley Twins offer the 6th & 7th Year Gryffindors a trial of a new Wheeze for their party after the 7ths Years finish their NEWTS. Things perhaps get a bit out of hand, and waking up the next morning is an interesting experience. (3 Chapters, completed, various couples)
  • Different Timeline
    [ALT] Harry awakes one day, like many others, in the Hogwarts Infirmary. Sitting next to the bed, however, is none of his regular crew - instead, Padma sits watch over him. (1 Chapter, completed, H/Padma, N/Hr)
  • Scion of Gryffindor
    Harry receives a visit from Godric Gryffindor which alters the direction of his life. (20+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/21, H/T)
  • Hogwarts Tally Sheet
    A small humorous piece about another tool the Marauders made for avoiding trouble. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Invisibility Gone Awry
    Fred gets caught in the hallways when he'd rather not, and gets to listen to a little story. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Karma
    Yes, Harry's life sucks. Yes, someone with the power to do something about it has noticed. Just a fun bit of fluff. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Leaving the Dursleys
    Done with the Final Battle, Harry goes back to the Dursleys one last time. Though listed as humor on the author's website, I found it more of a touching story. (1 chapter, complete)
  • Pureblood Traditions
    The Wizarding World exhibits one more way it can make Harry's life a pure hell. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Quidditch Scores
    Harry displays his leadership skills in getting two houses to work together to punish the Slytherins for their underhanded playing style. Tied with "Snape's Worst Nightmare", by Draco664, for second best Quidditch story, behind Anya's "Naked Quidditch Match" (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Scuttling Script
    A prank on forged homework sends Snape looking for help in coping. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Sim House
    Fred & George create a new item for their shop based on an idea from a muggle computer game. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Snide Comments
    You know how you always think of the perfect thing to say AFTER the moment to say them has passed? This is a collection of such comments scattered throughout the first 5 books. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • The Figurine
    Someone sends Draco a gift that isn't quite what he thinks it is. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • What If: Stupefy
    One of the favorite games of fanfic writers is to pick some small plot detail, change it, and work out the consequences of that small change. This one takes place in the Shrieking Shack, when Remus and Sirius have Pettigrew under control, and Remus decides to use Stupify instead of Incarcerous to keep Pettigrew under control. (1 Chapter, complete)

  • When Atlantis Sank
    After the Fall of Voldemort, comes the Fall of the Wizarding World. What do you do when it's really your own damn fault? (1 Chapter, complete)
Ozma [ALT]
    The Squib Universe
  1. Squib Apprentice [ALT]
  2. The Squib and the Cerberus [ALT]
  3. The Squib and the Potions Master [ALT]
  4. The Squib and the Werewolf [ALT]
  5. A Squib Without a Clue [ALT]
  6. The Squib and the Death Eaters [ALT]
  7. Squib Doors [ALT]
  8. Squib Wizard [ALT]
  9. To Comfort Gehenna
  10. The Way of the Squib [ALT]
  11. To Save a Squib [ALT]
  12. A Squib's Proper Place [ALT]
  13. Squib Puppet [ALT]
  14. Squib Caretaker [ALT]
  15. Squib Summer [ALT]
  16. Squib Guardian [ALT]
  • Harry Potter and the Return Home
    Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts after many years with his daughter just in time for Voldemort to try to return once more. (18 Chapters, complete)
  • Harry Potter and the Summer of Change
    When Tonks gets a look at Harry one day while guarding him, she realizes just how bad things are. She introduces him to a group of her friends, who help train him. As a result of his first training mission for this group, he learns just how badly Dumbledore has been manipulating him. (10+ Chapters, last updated 2005/12/16, H/T, R/Hr)

Kokopelli [ALT]
  • Making Change
    Harry and Hermione share an afternoon talking about a deep subject. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr?)
  • Sketches from Kokopelli's Notebook
    Short pieces sketching out scenes that might one day evolve into stories. (1+ Chapter, last updated 2004/05/18)
  1. Maskirovat [ALT]
    Harry's dancing with Gabrielle at Bill and Fleur's wedding? Why? The Cad!!! (1 Chapter, complete)
  2. Along the Way [ALT]
    Ron and Hermione are helping Harry chase down Horocruces, while Ginny and Professor McGonagall wait for their return. (2+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/01, H/G, R/Hr)
  1. The Letters of Summer [ALT]
    The summer after Harry's 5th year gets a bit busy, with Harry soon getting some extra training, meeting his trainer's rather dishy bodyguard, and finally learning some amazing things from some unusual dragons. (21 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  2. Intermissions
    Meta-fanfic placed in the interstices of "The Letters of Summer" and "Stories from Sixth Year" (1 Chapter, completed)
  3. Stories from Sixth Year [ALT]
    More from the "The Letters of Summer" universe. (9+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/18, H/G, R/Hr)
  4. Kisses [ALT]
    Years after the events of "The Letters of Summer", Ginny replies to a letter from her goddaughter. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  1. Hogwarts Exposed
    A very different story. 5 years after graduation, Hermione is returning to Hogwarts. Harry has been hiding in the muggle world, while Ron is just being released from Azkaban. A couple of her students have their own little secret. Good story, though the lectures on naturism get a bit strong from time to time. (24 Chapters, complete, H/Hr)
  2. Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us
    Sequel to "Hogwarts Exposed", the story opens with Harry, Hermione, and the three girls arriving at the resort the girls selected for their summer vacation/honeymoon. This is their respite before more indications of the arise of a new Dark Power. (24 Chapters, complete, H/Hr)
  3. Hogwarts OverExposed - Salazar's Return
    The third installment in the Hogwarts Exposed series. More trouble for the students of Hogwarts. (20 Chapters, last updated 2005/11/11, H/Hr)
  1. Betrayal of the Best Kind
    When the world turns against him, leaving only one by his side, Harry finds out that life, love and truth are more complicated than they seem. Danger, suspense, heartbreak and treachery abound. (27 Chapters, complete, H/Cho)
  2. Burning Desire
    Out-take from Chapter 11 of "Betrayal of the Best Kind". What if Harry fled to another place? (1 Chapter, complete, H/Fawkes?)
  3. Midnight Duel, Midday Love
    Sequel to "Betrayal of the Best Kind". Harry is betrayed once more. Can he take yet more heartbreak? (25 Chapters, complete, H/Cho)
  1. Apprentice Potter
    Harry loses his temper during a trial regarding the incident at the Ministry. As a result, he can no longer, nor does he desire to, attend Hogwarts. As a result of some of the people around him finally learning of his situation, he gets the opportunity to go through an apprenticeship instead, leading to his learning far more than he had been learning before. (25 Chapters, complete, H/Hr/Blaise)
  2. Journeyman Potter
    Sequel to "Apprentice Potter". They thought they had killed Riddle the first time, but apparently not. This time, Harry has to do a little globe trotting to solve the problem. (6+ Chapters, last updated 2005/10/02)
  • The End
    The War is over. Everyone lost. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Snape's Worst Nightmare
    If ever you will feel sympathetic for Snape, this story is it. Snape's worst nightmare comes true far more horribly than he ever dreamed possible. (7 Chapters, complete)

  1. The Order of the Phoenix [ALT]
    Harry's fifth year and he's just been chosen by the Order. Kinda strange, especially since the only living member in the Order is Harry! New powers, new friendships, new relationships and old enemies. (30 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  2. The Well of Shadows [ALT]
    Sequel to "The Order of the Phoenix". Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts has begun and with it a mix of friends and enemies, old and new, an ominous prophecy, great battles, and a pair of truly crazy DADA teachers. All hell is about to break loose. (30 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  3. The Shattering of Souls
    Sequel to "The Well of Shadows". Harry's seventh and final year at Hogwarts. Unfortunately an attack leads to Harry's death before the year even begins. With Ginny unable to access the Order's power, can the wizarding world survive without their savior? (1+ Chapter, last updated 2003/12/03)
  1. Keep It Simple
    A prequel of sorts to Leviathan Rising. Harry got through the first task of the Triwizard Tournament thanks to some good, general advice. But what if 'Moody' had given Harry some different advice? (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr)
  2. Issues of Trust and Faith
    After the 1st task of the Triwizard Tournament, Ron comes to Harry to apologize. Only thing is, Harry is not feeling very forgiving. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr)
  3. Leviathan Rising [ALT]
    Set in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, what if Harry had found a way to overcome the second task? What if while searching through the library he came across an insignificant seeming little book that teaches him the magic he needs? (1 Chapter, complete)
  1. Those Who Hunt Death Eaters [ALT]
    A spell of tremendous power was interrupted. It's up to Harry, Ginny and Ron to find the missing spell fragments and reassemble them. With help from a now canine Hermione and a possessed Firebolt, what could go wrong? (1 Chapter, complete)
  2. Those Who Still Hunt Death Eaters [ALT]
    Harry and his friends have finally gathered all the spell fragments needed to resurrect Sirius and destroy Voldemort once and for all. Now all they need to do is finish casting the spell. Easy, right? (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Something Grim This Way Comes [ALT]
    I'm not usually that big on cross-overs, especially cross-overs with storylines I know nothing about, but you don't really have to know anything about "The Grim Adventures of Mandy and Billy to appreciate this one. Totally insane, absolutely beautifully hilarious. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Murder At The Burrow [ALT]
    All kinds of problems when you're trying to figure out the best way to murder someone. And of course, there's always the problem of who you are going to murder. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Backwards Compatible [ALT]
    A last desperate chance is made for Harry by a really mad scientist who sends Harry back in time to before Voldemort's victory. (18+ Chapters, last updated 2005/07/06, H/Hr)
  • Evil Be Thou Good [ALT]
    Another cross-over, this time with Hellraiser. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Flying Without A Broom [ALT]
    Someone slips Harry some hallucinogens in his butterbeer during a Hogsmeade weekend, and Tonks, in disguise as a transfer student to act as his bodyguard, must try to keep things under control, while keeping track of him. Insanely funny. (9+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/20)
  • The Quiet Place [ALT]
    Harry and his crew have been retired for some 500 years, taking their rest in a small out-of-the-way town. A new generation of Death Eaters is arising. You have to feel sorry for the poor Death Eaters. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L, R/Hr, N/G)
  • From The Abyss [ALT]
    Harry spends three years in Azkaban. Something snaps in Harry, and everything goes white - then black - and after Harry wakes up, escape is simple, because there is no more Azkaban - just a glassy crater over the entire island. Harry returns to the mainland... changed. This is NOT a happy Harry Goes To Azkaban fanfic. (5+ Chapters, last updated 2003/11/26)
  • Divergent Paths [ALT]
    Harry comes down to breakfast to find everyone looking at him very strangely. Questions about his experiences the night before with Luna cause his friends more problems than him when he yells, and another Harry shows, eventually followed by 2 more, resulting in what finally totals up to being a Harry Potter for each House at Hogwarts. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L)
  • If I Dream I Have You [ALT]
    A member of Slytherin House is having very powerful dreams about Harry, leading Pansy to finally approach Harry and ask some very hard, for her, questions. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Pansy)
  • Midnight Avatar [ALT]
    Officially "Suspended Indefinitely", but the story basically feels finished. Harry disappears for a month during his 5th year, but when he returns, he's a very changed person. (5 Chapters, last update 2002/10/15, H/Hr)
  • The Riddle of the Diary
    A slight reworking of the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to give Harry and Ginny a little more interaction. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • Harry Potter and the Giant Squid
    Despite the kidding Harry gets about his way with girls, it does turn out that he had one prior relationship... The author should be shot for committing a pun that bad. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • After The Fall
    Harry Potter wins his battle with Voldemort, but must take on the mantle of Lord of the Wizarding World. Many who thought they would be the power behind the throne find differently. (1+ Chapter, last updated 2005/08/09, H/Harem)
  • Harry Potter and the Junior Year Abroad
    Harry gets the opportunity to spend his 6th year in an exchange program with 4 schools in the United States. (20+ Chapters, last updated 2005/09/14)
  • Fidelius
    Lily's phrasing of the Fidelius Charm that keeps the Potter Family safe creates an interesting situation when it doesn't fail after Voldemort's first defeat. (4+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/18)
  • Harry Potter and the DADA NEWT
    Harry really should have gone last for his Defense Against the Dark Arts NEWT. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Harry Potter and the Shopping Trip Of Doom
    Who would have expected how easy it really was to find the last Horcruces, if you just knew where to look? (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Turnabout Is Fair Play
    A right nasty piece of work, Lucius Malfoy is, and he likes to get laws passed favoring purebloods. But what happens when he finds one of the laws he wrote backfiring on him? (1+ Chapter, 2005/10/16)

  1. All Night Long
    Harry takes some time off for his mental health after the fall of Voldemort. While relaxing on a sunny beach, he runs across an old friend. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Cho)
  2. Alone
    Sequel to "All Night Long". Harry returns to England, still alone. The head of the Auror Squad asks Harry for help in reminding his Aurors that there's always someone better than you out there with a game of Capture The Flag - Harry vs. the 30 best Aurors. Ginny might not be happy with the results for her side. (1+ Chapter, last updated 2005/08/03, H/G)
  • Despair
    You know, Dumbledore, your level of idiocy is absolutely incredible. Just because you're powerful, doesn't mean you know squat. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Perfect Situations
    An unexpected mourner shows up to eulogize the brave Gryffindor. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Daphne)
  • Hope
    Harry destroys his shoulder in a Quidditch accident, and has to take a year off from playing his favorite sport professionally. His friends find him another job. But they fail to tell him of the hidden agenda behind the offer. Big mistake, that might cost a young girl her sanity. (6+ Chapters, last updated 2005/11/24, H/Gabrielle, R/Hr)
  • A HG Parody
    Some people believe in quantity over quality. Some people just can't actually find quality in a dictionary. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • Aftermath
    Sirius got to Harry first, before Hagrid, and therefore got the chance to raise Harry as the warrior he needed to be to kill Voldemort. Now that the easy part is over, it gets tough - Harry has to go to Hogwarts! (1 Chapter, abandoned, H/G)
  • Blaze of Glory
    Harry gets around to actually doing his divination homework for once, and finds the results disturbing. Fortunately, the warning is enough. Harry manages to organize the school into a fighting force that ends up holding off the Death Eaters long enough for Harry to make a truly spectacular end to Voldemort. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • Chances
    Two people decide to take their chance on each other. (3 Chapters, complete, H/G)
  • Madness
    Voldemort attacks early, but Harry's mind is really only about half on the fight. He's got a pair of somethings a lot more important to him on his mind. (2 Chapters, complete, H/G)
  • Mind Games
    Harry goes for his summer visit to the Burrow, but finds Ginny looking rather poorly. Investigation, and some spells from the book he'd found over the summer about dream magic helped him get into her mind and find a left-over piece of Riddle from the diary. (1 Chapter, abandoned, H/G)
  • The Abyss
    Harry faces the final battle with Voldemort convinced that he's lost his real reason for living, using his lifeforce completely in the spell that takes the Dark Lord down. But when she awakens after his death in the battle, she uses her lifeforce to make sure everyone knows exactly what really happened. Not a happy story at all. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • The Empty Nest
    Finally, all of Harry and Ginny's children are off to school, leaving them time to get back to building their marriage as it should be, and not how everyone expected it to be. (2+ Chapters, last updated 2005/05/06, H/G)
  • The Price
    "I never thought that marriage would be like spending every day hanging out with my best friend, then getting to go to bed with him as well." Very touching. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • This Means War!
    The Weasley Brothers make a small mistake regarding their little sister. She sets out to make them pay, and pay in spades. First step is to get herself a new boyfriend: Harry. (9+ Chapters, last updated 2005/05/06, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Understanding
    Sometimes people don't think things through, but if they're lucky, friends will help you come to an understanding. (2+ Chapters, last updated 2005/05/06, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Unnamed
    Story called on account of insufficient plot. (1 Chapter, abandoned H/G)
  • Valentine's Day
    Just a quick little fic about Harry asking Ginny out on a date for Valentine's Day. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • Red and Yellow
    Hufflepuffs don't get nearly as much credit as they deserve. This Hufflepuff sees the shape Harry's in, and does what she has to to pull him out of it. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hannah)
  • Like A Sister
    The time has come for Hermione to choose, and choose she does. It's a little rough for the loser, but he comes around. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr)
  • The Search for Nirvana
    Harry seeks release from his cares and worries in a very enlightened manner. When he does find the way to enlightenment, he ends up taking Voldemort along for the ride, getting him out of Harry's hair forever. Then he finds someone else interested in that ride, with a different goal at the end. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L)
  • The Object Lessons Trilogy
    Even the dullest things can be wonderful experiences, in the right situation. A nice, slow, romantic story. (3 Chapters, complete, H/Padma)
  • White Knight, Grey Queen
    Harry gets rescued from the Dursleys by one of the most feared families of the Wizarding World - the Parkinsons. What could they possibly want of him? (8 Chapters, complete, H/Pansy/G)
  • To Be Hufflepuff
    There's much more to being a Hufflepuff than it first appears. Much much more. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Something This True
    Oddly enough, when Sirius fell through the Veil, his celestial paperwork got a bit screwed up. He's not all there (if he ever was), but he's not a ghost, either. Sooner or later, he's got to figure out what's going on. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Byron
    Hermione has a mysterious suitor, sending her muggle poetry. But who does she know who would mix up Shakespeare and Lord Byron? (1 Chapter, complete, R/Hr, H/G)
  • The Last Thing
    Even after the break with Salazar, there's one last thing Godric needs his help with for Hogwarts. And just barely enough time left for him to do it. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me
    Even Harry's good dreams can be a bit painful - a bittersweet pain. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • In a Word
    Boys and romance. And the fun they have talking about it.
  • You Are...
    Harry and Ginny share a quiet summer night, deciding which constellation they are. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  • One More Reason
    Harry has one hell of a week, starting off with Ginny calling him an idiot. But, perhaps in the end, it will be a good week after all. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • One Week
    A companion piece to "One More Reason&Quot; - just why did Ginny call Harry an idiot? (1 Chapter, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Missing Hermione
    The pain of having someone you've loved all their life around can be so very bittersweet. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • With Quill in Trembling Hand
    Neville writes his parents on a regular basis, even though they can't remember what he writes. But one day he finds out that his letters touch more than just him and his parent's lives.
  • Sweet
    Aren't all newborns exactly that - sweet? (1 Chapter, complete, R/Hr)
  • The Essay
    Harry has a little homework essay for the summer. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Harry Potter and the Adventures of Butterbeer Extra
    Molly and Arthur go out for a night, leaving the kids alone at the Burrow. Now, the kids wouldn't take advantage of this, would they? (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Family Traditions
    Ron introduces Harry to a Weasley Family Tradition when Harry has one of his infamous nightmares. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G, R/Hr)

Kinsfire [ALT]
  • Death Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be [ALT-Incomplete]
    First you die, then things get REALLY strange! If any story ever defined the Harry/Harem genre, this is it! (1 Chapter, complete, H/Harem)
  • Family Matters [ALT-Incomplete]
    The Order's little talk with Vernon doesn't go over so well with him, and with direct threats to Hedwig's life, Vernon abuses Harry worse than ever, locking him back in the cupboard, trunk and all, and only allowing him to send exactly the words Vernon dictates in his status reports. He barely escapes with his life, running away to live with the Grangers. There, he learns a few shocking details about their lifestyle. (25 chapters, complete, H/Hr, R/L, N/G)
  • Gone/Ghost of a Memory [ALT]
    After the Final Battle, and the death of his Ginny, there is nothing left for Harry in Britain, so he leaves for America. There, he finds himself in the middle of what feels like an enormously sick joke being played by God. (6 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  • Harry Potter and the Ring of Doom
    Harry Potter cross-over with Lord of the Rings. A touch odd. (24 Chapters, complete)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Apprentice [ALT]
    Harry learns just how predestined his meeting with Voldemort is - he literally cannot die. Not even a butcher knife to the heart is good enough. And considering how suicidally depressed he is, Snape had best watch out. This year is not going to be any kind of easy. (18+ Chapters, last updated 2005/07/17, H/T/Hr)
  • It Started One Summer
    Stopping in for a haircut & style one day turns Harry's life around, when he finds one of the Patil girls to be his stylist. He soon finds out that the Patil girls are quite happy to share him, and not just with each other! (11+ Chapters, last updated ??, H/Hr/Padma/Pavarti)
  • Like a Phoenix From The Ashes [ALT-incomplete]
    Bill and Charlie Weasley destroy Harry's chance at happiness with Ginnie, and the rest of the Weasley family follows right along. All Harry asks from Hermione is that she sit on the fence, until better evidence comes along. She finds it, but the Weasley clan continues its attacks against the Boy Who Lived, leaving Harry no choice but to look elsewhere for a support structure. (13+ Chapters, last updated 2005/10/17, H/Hr/L/Susan/Pansy)
  • Three For All [ALT]
    Tonks takes Harry shopping one day, then convinces Dumbledore to let Harry move in with her. Harry's metamorphmagus talents take shape quickly. Things work out well, with Harry slowly coming to realize that he actually loves Tonks, when things get complicated on his return to school with the revelation that Ron and Hermione are no longer a couple. (9+ Chapters, last updated 2005/07/01, H/T/Hr, R/L)
  • Paradigm Shift (Unnamed Story) [ALT]
    Tonks is shocked by the reactions of Harry to returning to the Dursleys, and as a result, moves in with Harry for the summer. The summer gets cut short, though, when Harry discovers a few things that Dumbledore forgot to mention, and goes completely to Hell, with Harry taking asylum in America, when Dumbledore makes threats against Tonks. (17 Chapters, complete, NC-17, H/T/Hr/G/R/Damn near everyone!)
  • Dark Clouds
    Harry struggles with Vernon when Vernon goes to kill him, and the gun goes off, killing Vernon. Before the muggles finish processing him, two Aurors steal him out of his holding cell, drop him in St. Mungos for a few days healing, then drop him into Azkaban. Kingsley comes to let him out, but Harry isn't falling for the old killed while escaping thing. (3+ Chapters, last updated 2005/08/09)
  • Harry Potter and the Ties of Blood
    James and Lily survive Voldemort's first attack on their family, at the cost of a house elf's life defending young Harry. However, the relationship is strained because James refuses to believe that Harry is his child, believing that he is instead the result of a Death Eater gang-raping of Lily. Eventually to become a Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer cross-over. (10+ Chapters, last updated 2005/10/27)
  • My Father's Image
    Harry learns of his inheritance from his parents, as well as allowing himself to be adopted into the Black Family, so that he can inherit from Sirius. He visits Gringott's, against Dumbledore's wishes, and finds, besides his Heirship to Rowena Ravenclaw, and the Slitherin Vault declaring him Heir to that line, an animated statue of his mother. So, is it an Oedipal Complex when it's a statue of your mother you fall in love with, and not actually her? (6+ Chapters, last updated 2005/10/23, H/T/Hr/Lily's Statue)
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
    Narcissa gets a present from her husband: a badly tortured Harry Potter to keep alive and to heal enough for more torture. She slowly nurses (in more than one sense of the word) him back to health, and together they escape from Lucius Malfoy's domination, and go on to build a life together with Hermione. (4+ Chapters, last updated 2005/07/15, H/Narcissa/Hr, R/L)
  • Masquerade
    Hermione is certain she knows who wears the silver stag's head at the Masquerade, and makes a magical bet with someone wearing the costume of Beast, from Beauty and the Beast. She loses the bet, but instead of the humiliation she believes she will find, she finds she has won her heart's desire. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr)
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Harry gets hit in the head with a bludger, and as a result wanders into the wrong dressing room. After that, the fireworks really go off. (1 Chapter, complete, NC-17, H/G)
  • Surprises
    Harry comes home from Quidditch practice with the Chudley Cannons to find out that his true love, Hermione, is returning home from America after her studies abroad. The path to true love has a rock in it, when Hermione announces she wants Harry and Ron to be at her Commitment ceremony to a girl she met in America. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr/Lisa)
  • Uninvited Guests
    What's a halloween party, at least for Harry Potter, without Avada Kadavras providing fireworks? Still, he comes out of it with a girlfriend, though he has to live up to a promise he made about his costume. (1 Chapter, complete, H/T, Hr/G)
nonjon [ALT]
  1. Where in the World is Harry Potter?
    Voldemort is dead, and Harry's disappeared. Tonks and Hermione search for him, finding impossible signs of him being in two or more places at once. What IS he up to? (16 Chapters, complete, H/T/Hr/G)
  2. The Untitled Cheekquel Project
    Harry's been found, so now what's he going to do? Same thing he does every night, Pinky - Try and make over the world! Well, not exactly. But he does cause havoc and mayhem! (21 Chapters, complete, H/T/Hr/G)
  3. You Did What!
    Harry just can't get a break - even when it looks like he's getting one. Trying to help Dudley with his weight problem, Harry completely blows away No. 4 Privet Drive, leaving behind three very changed Dursleys. (11+ Chapters, last updated 2005/12/15, H/T/Hr/G)
  1. Harry Potter and the Freedom of Apathy
    After 10 years in Azkaban, Harry realizes that his real path in the war between Light and Dark is to protect those in the grey shadows who would be discounted by the wizard world. This is one of my all-time favorite fanfics, covering a very serious moral issue. (15 Chapters, completed, H/T)
  2. Harry Potter and the Apathy of Freedom
    Sequel to "Harry Potter and the Freedom of Apathy", Harry watches as the Wizard World learns virtually nothing from his actions during the war. The only real hope Harry holds out is for the children who come to the renewed Hogwarts to learn a brighter way. (1 Chapter, completed, H/T)
  • A Favor For a Friend
    A quick little story, placed after Voldemort's fall, in which Harry does a favor for Luna, using his pull with Minister of Magic Lucius Malfoy. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Therapeutic Discussion
    Harry discusses things with a psychiatrist, after the fall of Riddle. He's been having dreams, almost as though someone were pouring our Harry Potter FanFics into his head. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Birth of a Name
    And just how did Tom Marvolo Riddle figure out that his name could be turned into I am Lord Voldemort? Now the world will know! (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Lovegood, Boobs Gooder
    Harry leaves the Dursleys, and has to go snorkack hunting with Luna, her father, and herself looped back in time. Note, this story is extremely funny, and so extremely immature that it gets a mature rating. (6 Chapters, complete, H/L)
  • The Anachronistic Adventures of Patch and Eddie
    Harry gives his life to defeat Voldemort. But Dobbie finds inspiration in previous occurences in Harry's life to bring him back. Now, this is not the best thing to do, so Harry and Dobbie must find somewhere else to be. Or somewhen else to be. More than somewhat insane, and hilarious! (3+ Chapters, last updated 2005/08/01)
  • Adventures in Babysitting
    November 3, 1981. Three days ago something impossible happened to their Lord. Now five of the Dark Lord's most loyal followers must investigate his supposed downfall. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • The Power Snivellus Knows Not
    Harry is brainstorming ideas about how to kill Voldemort one day with Tonks, when he gets fed up with Dumbledore shooting them all down virtually instantly. Tonks helps him execute one, and to everybody's surprise, it works! (1 Chapter, complete, H/T)
  • Bestest Birthday Ever
    Harry gets a visit from Tonks, and then from trio of the Minister of Magic, Umbridge, and Voldemort himself. Things get really strange from there. (22+ Chapters, last updated 2005/05/07, H/T)
  • You Shall Not Harm Harry Potter!
    Dobby decides he's not been doing enough to protect his Mostest Bestest Wizard Master Harry Potter, but keeps interrupting when Harry is trying to get certain needs taken care of. (1 Chapter, complete, H/You don't really want to go there!)

  • Redemption
    Six years in Azkaban Prison leaves Harry in a state where the only thing he does is obey orders. What will it take Dumbledore, Lupin, Black, and the rest to gain Potter's forgiveness. (32 Chapters, complete)
  1. Recnac Transfaerso
    Harry spends some time with a muggle family, and finds there's something he can do for them, but at the cost of his own life - and being Harry, he doesn't find that a very high price to pay. (39 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  2. Flawed Perfection
    Harry has managed to survive his decision, and looks to have a nice summer coming up. But, well, this is Harry we're talking about. (27 Chapters, complete, H/G, R/Hr)
  3. Flawed Perfection Interlude
    Harry and Sirius have a long over-due talk. (1 Chapter, complete, H/G)
  4. Full Circle
    A quick glimpse into Harry's life at age 23, after the horrors of his life.
  5. Alternate Ending to Recnac Transfaerso
    A different ending for Recnac Transfaerso - and not a happy one. Read with caution.
  • Family Night
    Hogwarts starts a Family Night every quarter, and Harry finds that the family he expects is not the one he really needs. (5 Chapters, complete)
  • There's Me
    Draco sits, reading a letter from a friend. How will he react to its message? (1 Chapter, complete)
  • The Broken Window, a Story of Loss
    Young June Dorrey has paid a heavy price in the war against Voldemort. Harry will help her get things sorted out. (4+ Chapters, last updated 2004/07/13)
  • New Hearts
    A new exchange student, Vallyn Williams, comes to Hogwarts from America. Will she too fall for Harry's fatal charms? (3+ Chapters, last updated 2005/02/11)

Aikakone [ALT] [ALT] [ALT]
  1. Oh, Canada! [ALT]
    Harry decides to show off his little log cabin in the wilds of Alberta, Canada. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Alicia)
  2. Learning French [ALT]
    Learning french the Harry Potter way. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Alicia)
  • Elemental Force [ALT]
    Ginny gets kidnapped, but it's not Harry who rescues her. (15+ chapters, last updated 2005/06/20, H/G, RL/SiB, RL/G, R/Hr) Slash Warning!
  • Cat Games
    Poor Hermione! Just why did Millicent have cat hair on her robes when Hermione got a hair from her for the polyjuice in Chamber of Secrets? (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Through The Zero Hour [ALT]
    Bill faces the horrors of war in the trenches beside a soul he never expected to find that kind of connection with. (1 Chapter, complete, H/BW) Slash Warning!
  • Belated Birthday Blues [ALT]
    Remus has a down day when nobody remembers his birthday. Or don't they? (1 Chapter, complete, RL/BW) Slash Warning!
  • No Matter What
    Parts from a longer novel, these vignettes detail episodes in the life of Wolfgang Lupin, Remus and Ginny's eldest child. (4+ Chapters, last updated 2005/03/04, RL/G, Wolfgang/Phoebe)
  • Strangers With Familiar Faces [ALT]
    Ron runs into someone who once thought him just "a little boy". Does she still think of him that way? (2+ Chapters, last updated 2005/01/11, R/Fleur)
  • Ornaments, Decorations and Leftovers [ALT]
    Ron reaches out, in his normal antagonistic way, to the one person who might understand something of what he's experiencing. (1 Chapter, complete, H/R, BZm/D) Slash Warning!
  • Survivor's Guilt [ALT]
    When all's said and done, sometimes there's a lot more left to be done, than said. (1 Chapter, complete, R/BZm) Slash Warning!
  • Facially Flawed [ALT]
    Tonks and Moody share a skin-care moment. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • Science Fiction Double Feature [ALT]
    Arthur drags Harry, Remus, Hermione, and Ginny out to see a movie. However, they see faces they didn't really expect to see in the movie. (1 Chapter, complete)
  • When Your Defenses Fall [ALT]
    There's an old tradition for a man to take his fallen brother's wife as his own, and to help raise their child. How do Bill and Hermione cope with this situation? (1 Chapter, complete, R/Hr, BW/Hr)
  • Sacred Geometry [ALT]
    Why is Sirius skipping his monthly romp with Remus in the forest, in favor of spending the night in bed with Remus' wife? (1 Chapter, complete, RL/G/SiB) Slash Warning!
  • Kisses Like Chocolate [ALT]
    As usual, Ron is interfering with Ginny's love-life, so she decides to get on his nerves by getting a date with Blaise Zabini. (1 Chapter, complete, BZm/G)
  • Resolutions [ALT]
    Ginny and Remus share a conversation about New Years Resolutions. (1 Chapter, complete, RL/G)
  • Paddy Was A Parselmouth
    Harry discovers the luck of the Irish through Luna after a fall from his broom. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L)
  • Where Wolf? aka Run, Remus, Run! [ALT]
    After realizing how uncomfortable Hermione is helping Remus with his transformations, Ginny volunteers to help this month. What Harry and Hermione don't realize is that she has an ulterior motive. (1 Chapter, complete, H/Hr, RL/G)
  • It's not Rumpelstiltskin
    Remus and Ginny share a time guessing each other's middle names. (1 Chapter, complete, RL/G)
  • Just Like Stupefy [ALT]
    Moments on Valentine's Days separated by 10 years reveals a truth to Ginny she needs to know. (2 Chapters, complete, RL/G)
  • Poisoned [ALT]
    Tonks lets down her guard for just a moment, and winds up poisoned by a potion meant specifically to kill metamorphmagi in a particularly cruel manner. Moody has to help her once Snape brews up the cure. (1 Chapter, complete, Moody/T)
  • Hieroglyphic Hearts [ALT]
    Hermione visits Bill Weasley during her studies at a university, and finds that Bill is more than just Ron's older brother. (3 Chapters, complete, Hr/BW)
  • Wet & Sloppy
    A Christmas at the Burrow leads to a snowball fight between Bill and Hermione. (1 Chapter, complete, Hr/BW)
  • Blame It On The Mistletoe
    Mistletoe can be such a wonderful holiday tradition. (1 Chapter, complete, Hr/BW)
  • Constellations of the Flesh
    Does Ginny have as many freckles as there are stars in the sky? Someone studies a heavenly body to figure it out. (1 Chapter, complete, ?/G)
  • Embracing the Fairy Tale
    It takes a lot for Ginny to finally convince Remus to wear the costume she selected for him for the Halloween Ball. (1 Chapter, complete, RL/G)
  • Nineteen [ALT]
    A quiet game of cribbage passes the time for Tonks and Moody while she recovers from the Department of Mysteries incident. (1 Chapter, complete, Moody/T)
  • Goodnight, Mr. Potter [ALT]
    A nurse at St. Mungo's reflects on the dedication shown by Harry to one of the patients. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L)
  • Scenes On A Train [ALT]
    You never know who you'll run into on a train to Scotland. (1 Chapter, complete, R/Hr, SS/Hr)
  • In My Voice [ALT]
    Remus and Ginny experience changes in their relationship as the War ramps up, and then after it is done. (5 Chapters, complete, RL/G)
  • Chasing Airplanes [ALT]
    What do you get if you cross a witch with a werewolf? (1 Chapter, complete, RL/G)
  • Basic Wand Safety [ALT]
    Harry tries to give Luna a lesson in basic wand safety. Of course, it being Luna, he finds the conversation not going as planned. (1 Chapter, complete, H/L)