Impromptu Players Theater News

(Updated 6/22/2011)

Impromptu Players Theatre needs some volunteers to sell raffle tickets and to get things done around the theatre. See Anna at Curious Cargo for more information.

We need someone to: put our lattice board back up outside the kitchen, cut some pipes, shorten a rail gong to the Lightboard, change filters, make and install a door for a room, seats/chairs for the cast room, install linoleum and a new wall in east bathroom, install a light in a prop room, install a chair rail in the main theatre.

This is our theatre and is a trememdous asset to the parish.

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The new theater is a reality. Pictures are coming to this site as soon as I get a moment to get by the theater on a sunny day! A new building was donated to Impromptu Players. This building is just across the railroad tracks from Washington Street on 171 South. Some of you may know the building as the original West Bros Building. Most recently is was a very large flea market. Yes, the theater is now out of the old VFW building. Thanks to the volunteers for helping to make the move possible.

This building has been extensively renovated. Please support the theater by participating in membership and any other way you can. It takes all types of talent and skills to make a production great. This philosophy is building our community theatre that enhances life in our community and adds to the appeal of our town. Your skills and donations toward the theater are greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Go by and see Anna at Curious Cargo for more information about the great things happening at our new theater. Call 337-462-2751 for more information. Yes, funding contributions can be given as sponsorships or in honor or in memory of someone. We will insert a listing of the new theater gifts in the first three seasons of programs at our new location. Any donations of funds or labor are greatly appreciated.

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