Using the Xerox ColorQube in the patron lab

The DeRidder branch has a Xerox ColorQube multifunction copier/printer/scanner for patron use. It is the only printer available for printing from the patron lab in DeRidder.

Prices and the Vending Unit

The price for prints are the same for copying and printing.

Printing Charges
8½" x 11"$0.10$0.15
8½" x 14"$0.10$0.15
11" x 17"$0.20$0.25

The vending unit will accept Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, $1 coins and bills up to $20. It makes all refunds in coins only.


All of the expected options are available. Enlarge/reduce, contrast and bright adjust, one or two sided originals and/or copies and output to letter, legal or ledger paper.

To begin, insert a document into the feeder on top and the display should switch from showing the queue of print jobs to asking for coins. Feed it and it will show the copy options.

If you are placing smaller items onto the glass you will need to press the Services Home button and pick Copy from the menu.

Printing from the lab

The ColorQube is the only configured printer and the defaults will print in color onto letter paper. So for most cases just hit print and go collect your output.

Getting your prints

Go to the printer. If it isn't displaying a list of jobs press the Job Status button. You should see your job listed with your username in the leftmost column. If there are many jobs stacked up you might have to use the page down button on the right of the display.

Once you have located your job you can either discard or print it. If you have decided you don't want it, touch it, pick Delete and confirm your decision. There is no undelete. Please be considerate and do not delete another user's print jobs. To print, insert enough money into the vend unit to cover the cost of your job. Then touch the job and the option to Release will be one of the choices.

Advanced printing

The default is to print color onto 8½ x 11 letter sized paper. These defaults can be changed. However the printer isn't exceptionally bright when it comes to picking the right paper to print onto so you must manually select the right paper tray. The default is Tray 3 which is stocked with letter size paper.

Tray 18½ x 14" Legal
Tray 211 x 17" Ledger
Tray 38½ x 11" Letter
Tray 4Bypass (Bring your own paper)

You are free to select one of the different paper sizes, print both sides of the paper, etc. Be aware that a double sided print will be billed for each side. We pay Xerox by the impression so you do too.

Scanning to E-Mail

You can scan a document or photo and send it as an email to any address. Since it doesn't involve printing there is zero charge for this service. There is a cheat sheet hanging on the unit with basic instructions.

One interesting note. This unit can perform OCR on many typed documents and produce a PDF with searchable and extractable text. So you can scan a document into a form which can be opened in a word processor (Such as installed in the Lab) for further editing or incorporation into a larger document. Because the OCR process makes scanning slower it isn't enabled by default. Select the Email Option tab then touch Searchable