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Global Road Warrior
AtoZ World Food
AtoZ the USA
Access Video On DemandAccess Video On Demand
Access Video On Demand offers thousands of educational and interesting videos provided free of charge by Films On Demand.
A to Z Food AmericaAtoZ Food America
AtoZ Food America contains recipes and food culture in all course categories (appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main courses, side dishes, desserts, snacks, and beverages) for six US regions, all 50 states, and 33 ethnic cuisines.
Ato Z World FoodAtoZ World Food
AtoZ World Food offers thousands of global recipes, hundreds of fascinating culture and ingredient articles, essential culinary resources, and 174 country cookbooks in one online resource; explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the world.
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AtoZ The USAAtoZ The USA
AtoZ The USA contains more than 115 country-based articles and 115 state articles for each of the 50 US states, five US territories, and the District of Columbia; and it offers coverage of the country’s people, history, economy, geography, symbols, culture, and society.
Global Road WarriorGlobal Road Warrior
Global Road Warrior has extensive profiles for over 170 countries. The information is perfect for countries of the world reports, but it includes details that are not often found in other places. For example, with Global Road Warrior, a user can find a basic introduction to a country's language, profiles of typical food with recipes, business, and social culture pieces, and more.

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Newspaper ArchivesNewsBank
NewsBank provides a comprehensive collection of reliable news sources, including newspapers and magazines, covering a wide array of topics and issues; and it offers archives for The Beauregard Daily News going back to 1999 as well as numerous other Louisiana newspapers.

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Online Courses - Universal ClassUniversal Class
Universal Class contains a variety of online continuing education courses.

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WorldBook EncyclopediaWorld Book Online
World Book Online is an online version of the renowned encyclopedia that is available in French and Spanish, it has different search options for different grades / Lexile levels, and it has citations and a life skills section, and the student model has additional educator tools that include lessons plans.

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