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Computer Use Support List

This list classifies computer resources according to the level of support which we are able to provide through the library.

Category 1: Supported Uses

These services are supported. This means that we will attempt to keep the server side of the resource running most of the time. If the service is down, we will attempt to have staff working on it until it is back up again. For the client side of these services, we will:

  1. Where special setup is required to use the service, provide written and/or on-line instructions specific to our system for new users
  2. Provide manuals, instructions, videos or other "how to" resources
  3. Attempt to help the user while he/she is in the branch and, when that is not possible, try to get back to the user by email or phone by the close of the first working day following the request.
  4. Whenever possible, warn users when there is a change in the Library's Technology Plan, if available resources or other factors are likely to make the service unavailable.

Category 2: Permitted Uses

While these services cannot be supported, users are welcome to try them on the Library's network. Patrons who use the services are responsible for learning how to do so on their own. These services do not receive consideration when upgrades are planned so they may become unavailable without prior notice. Requests for assistance with these services will be treated as a reference question. Library staff will provide books or on-line sources which may assist the user in using the resource.

Category 3: Uses Which Are Not Permitted

Library resources may not be used for these purposes. Users who attempt to do so will be responsible for all damages which may occur.

The List

Supported Permitted/Not Supported Not Allowed
E-Mail Services
  • Registered users may have E-Mail accounts on our server. We support these accounts.
  • We support sending and receiving mail in our WebMail service.
  • We cannot provide any guarantee regarding the security of E-mail or other files on our servers.
  • E-mail accounts on other services (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc.)
  • Sending and receiving e-mail using other mail clients or browsers.
  • Picking up or relaying E-mail while logged into another ISP. We will attempt to keep the channels open, but we cannot control another ISP.
  • Sending obscene, threatening, illegal, or annoying messages.
  • Attempting to use our system in ways that will damage software, hardware or other resources.
  • Sending, relaying, or otherwise encouraging the sort of messages generally accepted to be "SPAM".
World Wide Web Access
  • Use of the Chrome, Mozilla or Konqueror browsers as installed on library computers.
  • Use of WWW Browsers other than those listed as supported.
  • Use of plug-ins, utilities or other programs which user has installed
  • Using the library's resources in attempts to "hack" or "crack" or otherwise violate hardware, software or computer or network resources.
  • Attempting to bypass or disable filters.
On-Line Data Resources
  • Use of databases which the library has purchased in accordance with the purchase and support agreement. Please note that some databases may be offered only in a Library branch.
  • Use of other databases or resources.
  • Using the library's resources in attempts to use databases and other electronic resources in violation of applicable laws or generally accepted guidelines.
Word Processing and Other Office Software
  • Using LibreOffice for basic word processing tasks on those computers where the program has been installed by library staff.
  • Use of other office or word processing packages.
  • Translation of files from one package or version to another. For example, attempting to edit Word files in LibreOffice will probably work but we cannot support it.
  • Unauthorized (pirated) use of office or other software programs.
File Storage and Management
  • Storing files in the user's area of the library's file server in accordance with the guidelines in place (space quotas, content restrictions, etc). We cannot guarantee the security of files.
  • Transfer of files between library computers and USB devices and other storage media. Whenever possible, we will provide instructions for file transfers but we cannot guarentee that all transfers will work.
  • Attempts to transfer files that are intended to damage or interfere with others rights to access computer resources.
Installing Outside Software
  • None. If we didn't install it, we do not support it.
  • We provide a very complete public access Linux/UNIX environment. You are free to attempt to obtain and install any additional software you want into your own home directory. A complete development toolchain is present should you need to compile a program from source.

    Please do NOT attempt to install anything system wide. You should not be able to, but please don't consider it a challenge.
  • Installing any software in violation of copyright. As a general rule, if you have a program installed at home you may not also install a copy of it on our system unless you own two copies. You may not help your friends install copies from your one copy.

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