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In memory of Lynda Carlberg, Libraries Southwest honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Libraries. Lynda Carlberg was the director of the Calcasieu Parish Library System 1978 through 1997. She was active in state, regional and national Library activities as well as many community activities. She is remembered as an outstanding leader and a very dear friend.

Lynda Carlberg Award Winners:

2017 - Rebecca Hamilton
2016 - Beth Vandersteen
2015 - Amanda Taylor
2014 - Sara Zimmerman
2013 - Michael E. Matthews
2012 - Lyle Johnson
2009 - Sona Dombourian
2008 - Gretchen Fairbanks (pdf file)
2006 - Joe Landrum
2004 - Ralph Boe (pdf file)
2002 - Joy Lowe
2000 - Tom Jacques
1999 - Minnie Lou Lynch
1998 - Sallie Farrell
That Majestic, Tall Oak Tree

I strolled along the river bank where the water flowed so free.
It was then I saw it standing there, that majestic tall oak tree.

Its branches reached out far and wide and its trunk was huge around.
I just sat in awe and marveled at the treasure I had found.

I wondered just how old it was and the stories it could tell
as it stood above the others in this park, where it did dwell.

How many birds had made their home on a branch where they could hide?
And look, there's a squirrel's next over on that other side.

In loving memory of Lynda Carlberg.
We miss you!

She stood, all too briefly, as a tall oak among us.

Obituary, Lynda Carlberg


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