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Clyde Liles

Lest We Forget


Date of Birth: December 21, 1918
Place of Birth: Burrs Ferry, Vernon Parish, Louisiana
Date of Death: April 20th or 21st, 1944
Burial Site: Plunkaway Cemetery in Burr Ferry, Louisiana
Address of Record: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None
Parents: Mark Gilman Liles and Martha Harriet Cain Liles
Grandparents: John M. Liles, Ellen Burr Liles, Robert D. Cain and Melvina Chaddick Cain
Siblings: Bessie Evans, Ermie Henderson, Ona Liliedahl, Kymbol Liles, Irene Mock, Marvin Liles, and Jesse Merl Liles (a World War II and Korean War veteran who died in a 1956 air accident while taking off from Goose Bay Air Force Base)
School(s): DeRidder High School
Interests:Fishing, hunting, banking

Military Career - World War II

Branch: U. S. Army Air Corps
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Serial Number: O-811101
Decorations: Unknown
Unit: 339th Bomber Squadron (based in Snetterton Heath England), 96th Bombardment Group, 45th Combat Wing, 3rd Air Division, 8th Army Air Force
Battle or Circumstance: near Hallines, France, west of St. Omer
Circumstances of Death: Lt. Liles was the pilot of a B-17 that was shot down while on a mission to destroy V-Weapons sites in the Pas de Calais area of France - only one crewmember survived.


  • Laura Liles Dove (Niece)
    Everton, Arkansas
  • Clifton Burke Liliedahl (Nephew)
    Derry, New Hampshire
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