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The library adds new DVDs to our collection every week. We have movies that will appeal to all viewing tastes. We try to stay current with the latest releases. Here are two of the popular titles we added this week.

Black Panther (Rated PG-13) This blockbuster hit based on the Marvel Comics character was one of the top grossing films of the year so far. It received high praise from critics and fans alike for every aspect of its production, from screenplay to acting to costume design. It was also recognized for its cultural significance, becoming the highest grossing film ever by a black director.

The kingdom of Wakanda is an African nation that poses as a typical third world country, but actually is a highly advanced society due to a rare metal called vibranium, which gives them special powers. When the king dies, his son T'Challa returns to claim his place on the throne. However, soon old enemies reappear and endanger both Wakanda and the entire world. T'Challa must call on his allies and his powers as Black Panther to defeat this evil and save the world.

I Can Only Imagine (Rated PG). This is the inspirational story behind the hit song of the same name by Bart Millard of the group MercyMe, which is the best-selling Christian single of all time.

Bart Millard had a difficult childhood with an abusive father and a mother who left the family. He discovered a talent for music following a severe football injury. He eventually leaves home to pursue a music career. He is discovered by successful people in the Christian music industry and is invited to join a band. However, they encourage him to resolve the issues with his father. He returns home and discovers that his father has become a Christian and wants to reconcile with him. He is skeptical and rejects him. He then finds out that his father has terminal cancer and they are able to form a deep bond before his father dies.

Following his father’s funeral, he writes the song. It is sent to many successful artists, including Amy Grant, who wants to record it. Millard attends the concert where she is planning to debut the song, but Grant has decided that he should be the one to sing it. She calls him up to sing it and his unexpected performance is widely praised. His band releases the song as their first single and it becomes a hit.

Posted Saturday June 16, 2018 02:00pm

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