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Audiobooks & Summer

Summer is a great time for getting out and doing things. Whether it's going on trips, or heading to the neighborhood pool to catch some rays, or gardening in the back yard, fresh air and warm sunlight draws many to the great outdoors.

While spending time outdoors, though, you might be in the mood to listen to a great book, or even just a silly one that feels like cotton candy for the mind. That's what we have audiobooks for!

Some of our audiobooks come on CD, so you can just slip them into your player and chill out. Some of our audiobooks are available through Overdrive or Tumblebooks, and you can download them to your smartphone or tablet and listen to them there. And sometimes, you want to be disconnected from your phone so that people can't track you down, but you don't want to carry a huge CD player with you, or you don't want to risk your expensive phone falling into something and getting damaged, and that's where Playaways come in.

Playaways are small, self-contained audiobook players that can be connnected to your speakers, the stereo in your car if it has an aux or line-in jack, or just plug in earphones, tuck it into your shirtsleeve like they used to do with packs of cigarettes, and start jogging.

However you choose to enjoy your audiobooks, just remember: if you're signed up for the Summer Reading Program (and if not, why aren't you?), it's easy to keep track of your time with an audiobook - it's usually got the total reading time listed right on the audiobook cover!

Posted Friday June 8, 2018 09:00am

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