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Staff Pick - War and Peace

Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

We know that not every staff pick will appeal to every patron, but not to worry! If you need help selecting something, we have online tools like Book Browse and our Online Catalog, or you can ask one of our friendly staff members to help search for you.

War and Peace [DVD], adapted from the novel by Leo Tolstoy

War and Peace is about priorities. The setting is Russia during its invasion by Napoleon, and it chiefly involves an unexpected inheritance to an illegitimate Russian nobility child and how he copes with the new-found wealth. In search of direction philosophically, he pursues philanthropy, Free Masons, war, and love. Along the way, he (Pierre) has friends who also struggle with their philosophies, and the two sometimes collide, with tragic consequences.

I liked it because the search in which Pierre embarks is universal. All of us at times have been torn between at least two paths, each one having both its moral correctness and its inherent risks. In addition, the war scenes, although not graphic, were laced with real fear and loss. Tolstoy was at one time an artillery soldier, so he could draw from memory actual scenes of scared army men, not Hollywood supermen. He was also a Count, so his descriptions of the posh life are believable.

The patron might like this series because it is long enough to develop characters more fully than a typical movie. One can identify with the motivations of the characters because sufficient character development has occurred. There is a wide range of characters, but they are woven together masterfully.

If War and Peace interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.

Posted Thursday June 7, 2018 09:00am

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