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Beauregard Parish Library

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The Beauregard Parish Library will meet in regularly-called session at 4:30 on Monday, Aug 2, 2021 at the DeRidder branch of the library, 205 S. Washington Ave. Click here for the full agenda. This meeting is held in compliance with RS 42:14 et seq and is open to the public, unless "Executive Session" is noted.

To attend virtually via Zoom, visit this: Zoom Link.

Click here to read details of our current COVID-19 Phase Operation.

Just Arrived

June is audiobook month and we have all types of books for your listening pleasure. This week we received our selection of Western books on CD. These are perfect for long drives or just relaxing at home.

Check out:

Flintlock by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone. Flintlock is a feared bounty hunter who is the scourge of bad men everywhere. He carries an ancient Hawken muzzle-loader that was handed down to him by the mountain man who raised him. Now he is hunting for treasure in the form of a golden bell hanging in a remote monastery in the Arizona mountains. He will have to face a dozen bloody showdowns with schemers, madmen and Apache warriors – including the great Geronimo himself, in order to succeed and survive.

Hot Iron by Elmer Kelton. In the early days of the Texas panhandle Espy Norwood is a troubleshooter who has troubles of his own. Bitter landowners plot against him, determined cattle thieves sneak right under his nose, and his own son refuses to trust or even know him. Can he catch the thieves, save the ranch, and win his son’s love?

Lords of an Empty Land by Randy Denmon. Captain Douglas Owens of the 4th Cavalry is given orders to reclaim the wild strip of land in the Red River Valley of northern Louisiana that has become a home for murderous outlaw gangs following the Civil War. Each deadly encounter brings new challenges for Owens and his men, until he realizes that he must make a last desperate bid for freedom and justice that could change the course of history.

Our Western CDs include both classic stories from the beloved writers and new stories from authors who may become your new favorites.

Remember that if you are registered for our Summer Reading Program, time spent listening to audiobooks can be logged in order to earn prizes. If you are not registered, there is still time. Register online or at any of our branches. Happy listening!

Posted Thursday June 18, 2015 08:00am

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