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The Beauregard Parish Library will meet in regularly-called session at 4:30 on Monday, Aug 2, 2021 at the DeRidder branch of the library, 205 S. Washington Ave. Click here for the full agenda. This meeting is held in compliance with RS 42:14 et seq and is open to the public, unless "Executive Session" is noted.

To attend virtually via Zoom, visit this: Zoom Link.

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Sunday School: Aging


With this week's edition of Sunday School with Universal Class we will help you with topics on Aging and wellness. Classes available through Universal Class are free to patrons who hold Beauregard Parish library cards.

Here are some sample courses you might consider taking, but there are many others available. The descriptions are shortened, but there is more detail at Universal Class.

Anti-Aging Techniques
"Perceptions about aging are changing. Today, people are living longer, happier, and healthier lives. When it comes to slowing or stopping the aging clock and maintaining a younger, more youthful appearance, this course also explains the benefits of exercise, the importance of maintaining and increasing brain activity and the vital needs of the body for water, vitamins and minerals. Exploring ancient antiaging remedies as well as understanding the importance of hormones, antioxidants, and the truth about many cosmetic ingredients provides a fascinating and often humorous look into mankind's desperate attempt to find the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth."
[12 lessons]
Understanding Aging and Long Term Care
"The graying of America means a cultural shift. Now there's a workforce of seniors who decades ago would have been retired at age 55 to 65. This course describes the aging process, risks to senior's health, and how to stay healthy no matter if you are 65 or 105. You will gain understanding of and respect for seniors, and explode some myths about the aging brain."
[11 lessons]
Alzheimer's Disease 101
"As one of the most feared and misunderstood types of dementia affecting the elderly today, understanding Alzheimer's and how it affects the brain is important not only for every individual, but for those diagnosed with the disease, and their caregivers. In this course, students will learn about some of the risk factors and perceived causes of Alzheimer's disease. Students will learn the most common warning signs of Alzheimer's and differentiating between Alzheimer's symptoms and normal aging processes. By the end of this course, students will also understand how Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed and classified or staged, with differing symptoms affecting the lifestyle, environment and challenges placed on caregivers."
[11 lessons]
Advocacy for Elderly Patients
"Welcome to advocacy for the elderly patient. With growing numbers of seniors in our aging population, families and extended family members are finding themselves in a position where they're providing for some or all of the care for their senior loved ones. Understanding basic rights of patients and how such rights apply to the elderly will help you become an advocate for not only elderly patients, but for other family members and friends. In this course, you'll learn what an advocate is, what one does, and why it's important to be an advocate for patient care today."
[11 lessons]

There are over 500 different courses available. If these are not to your interest, log in to Universal Class. You're bound to find something you like!

If you need a reminder of how Universal Class works, please click this introductory post.

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