Sweet Home/Old Hoy Cemetery

Near DeRidder on Hwy 26 is an old cemetery which hasn't been used since 1983 or so. There are many "lost" graves because we have talked to local residents who saw it when the graves still had markers. I'm sorry to report it is now grown very thick with brush and briars.

It is on timber land which has been leased for hunting with a locked gate at the only clear trail. Unless you have a very good reason for visiting this cemetery, you would be wise to take our word for the information.

We would like to thank Winefred Moses for his help in finding this cemetery and naming it. He saved us a lot of walking and "briar scratches".

Note: Winifred Moses tells us there are a great many members of the Singletary Family buried at Sweethome. There is no sign of any markers with this name.

Information collected by Roberta B. Doty and Evelyn E. Cole, completed April 16, 1993.