Old Camp Ground Cemetery Association, Inc.

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The Old Camp Ground Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries of what was once known as "Old Imperial" Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. It is situated at or near the site of an ancient ford crossing of Sugar Creek and a way station where the pioneers of early 19th century camped and rested before resuming their journeys to the West.

The old militery road that was hastily built during the Civil War ran near the Old Camp Ground. Many of the Civil War dead are buried here. It was here that the early settlers carved their homes out of a wilderness, cleared land, built log cabins and rail fences, used lighted torches for lamps, cooked over fireplaces, held protracted meetings, and were buried in the Old Camp Ground Cemetery.

The original owner of the property, Hiran C. Lyles, sold the property to the Dry Creek Charge Methodist Episcopal Church, South, dated April 17, 1897. On June 3, 1965, the Board of Trustees of the Old Camp Ground Cemetery Association, Inc., accepted the Methodist Church property on Sugar Creek, including the record title of the cemetery tract and adjacent land, totaling 7 1/2 acres, more or less. Said property is to be preserved and maintained for cemetery, park, and historical monument purposes.

The Old Camp Ground Cemetery is located on Old Camp Ground Cemetery Road in Sugartown. Take Hwy 112 East from Sugartown to Thomas Smith Road. The Old Camp Ground Cemetery Road turns off Thomas Smith Road just behind the Sugartown Pentecostal Church.

Old Campground Cemetery Picture