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Wireless Internet Access FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What do I need to connect to the wireless network in the Library?

    You will need a laptop or mobile device with wireless capability. Most devices have built in wireless capability, but some older laptops may still need a network card. You will also need an electronic account (free) with the library so that you will have a username and password for logging into the network. If you do not have an electronic account, ask a library staff member to help you.

  2. Is it difficult to connect to the wireless network?

    Not usually. Most laptops and mobile devices that come configured for wireless access can automatically pick up the wireless signal. If yours does not, you will need to know how to navigate your device to select the appropriate wireless signal.

  3. I can't get a Wi-Fi signal, but the person next to me can?

    Not all wireless devices are the same. The quality of your device versus your neighbor's can be quite different. Your device may not be able to access the same WiFi frequencies as your neighbor.

  4. Will my Mac work with wireless in the Library?

    Yes, as long as it supports wireless internet.

  5. Do I need special software or drivers to connect?

    While you won't need special software, up-to-date drivers have remedied many connection problems. The drivers included with the device may be several generations old. Updates are usually available on the vendor's website.

  6. Is technical support available from the Library staff?

    Technical support is available from 12-2 every Tuesday afternoon, and 10:30-12:30 every other Saturday.

  7. When can I use the Library's wireless network?

    Wireless Internet access is available inside and 24/7 in a limited area outside all Beauregard Parish Library Branches.

  8. Is there a charge to connect to the wireless network in the Library?

    There is no charge for using the Library's wireless network with your wireless-capable device.

  9. Can I connect to the printers and other software via the wireless network?

    Yes you can access the printer from inside the Library. Ask a staff member for help if you need to access the printer from a laptop. Printing from phones or tablets does work as long as you can upload your document/picture to the printer. Ask a staff member for assistance if you have trouble.

  10. I don't have a laptop computer or mobile device. How can I use the wireless network?

    The Library offers laptops at the DeRidder branch for in-house checkout, and netbooks at the Ragley branch. Ask a staff member at the circulation desk how to check out one of these laptops. We also offer take-home checkout laptops courtesy of the BTOP Grant. These can be used to access the Library’s wireless network. You are also welcome to use the Library’s Public Access Computers.

  11. Does the wireless network pose a health hazard?

    No, the wireless network does not pose any health risk. It uses radio signals within the spectrum of safety. While there will always be controversy over the safety of exposure to radio signals, it is something we are exposed to whether we have a wireless network or not.

  12. Will Bluetooth transmissions interfere with my Wireless connection?

    No, Bluetooth should not disrupt your wireless signal.

  13. Can a cell phone interrupt my connection?

    A cell phone probably won't interrupt your connection, however there are cordless phones and microwave ovens that operate within the frequency range of the Library's wireless network (2.4 GHz and up) that can cause interference with the connection.

  14. What else can interrupt my connection?

    Wireless connections use radio waves. Anything that can interfere with radio waves can also interfere with your wireless connection. Wood, people, walls and book shelves can all cause the signal to be interrupted or weakened. If you experience a connection problem try moving to a different part of the Library.

  15. Why does the wireless network data transfer rate vary?

    There are several possibilities including:
    1. Your distance from the Access Point and/or obstructions that might be in the way (see above).
    2. The number of people using the connection. Since a wireless network is a shared network, if several people are using the network then users might see slower connections.

  16. I think I got a virus from your Hotspot.

    Hotspots do not produce viruses. They come from the Internet, often as attachments to e-mail. It is strongly recommend that all users have anti-virus protection and a personal firewall installed on their laptops.

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