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The Singer branch is closed pending a few repairs. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. All materials except laptops and hotspots can still be returned to the Singer branch book drop while we are closed. If you need assistance, please call 337-463-6217 or 800-524-6239 from anywhere inside the parish.

♬ The Music Minute ♬


Freegal (the free music website) not only has music from every genre you can think of but comedy monologues of all the classic as well as modern comedians. Need a laugh? Try listening to any of these comedians for a chuckle, guffaw, or a great big belly laugh.

Archie Campbell-You may have seen him on Hee Haw but did you know he was also a comedian? Hear the story of “Rindercella” and how she went to the bancy fall and slipped her dripper. Also, the story of “Beeping Sleauty”. Also, “Pftt! You Were Gone!”, “The Martians and the Coys”, “Rome on the Hange”, “I Want My Rib”, and “The New Marriage Ceremony”.

Bob Newhart-He had his own show for years called The Bob Newhart Show (the library has the first two seasons). You can also see him on re-runs of The Big Bang Theory playing Professor Proton. But before all of that he was a comedian with great stand-up acts such as: "Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue", “Driving Instructor”, “Introducing Tobacco to Civilization”, “The Grace L. Ferguson Airline (and Storm Door Company)”, “Bus Drivers School”, “Defusing a Bomb”, “Retirement Party”, and “Ledge Psychology”.

Rowan & Martin-If you don’t remember these crazy guys you can check them out at the library on the first four seasons of Laugh-In. Or hear Dan Rowan and Dick Martin on The Humor of Rowan & Martin with bits like: “Girls”, “Camp Sunny Sunshine”, “The Birds and the Bees”, “Mates, Inc.”, and “The Doctor Interview”.

Use your 5 free weekly downloads or your 3 free hours of daily commercial-free streaming music to hear some funny stories. All free from Freegal Music and paid for by your Beauregard Parish Library.

Posted Monday July 9, 2018 06:00am

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