One thing everyone has become aware of: the Internet has greatly sped up the rate of change in things. This can be a problem for some things, but it also means that things can improve a lot very quickly.

The various vendors we get many of our services from are constantly trying to be on the "improve things" side. This means, from time to time, that they update their website, or roll out new version of their mobile apps. Recently, we've had several that have all done this within the last couple of months, or are in the process of doing it now:

  • Access Video on Demand - great movies and documentaries for free!
  • - the subject of last week's Find It Friday
  • Overdrive has added a new app for mobile devices called Libby. Many of the library staff members have tried it and agree it is quite a bit nicer than the old app for using Overdrive.
  • TumbleBooks is adding a section of romance books this summer just in time for the Summer Reading Program (Libraries ROCK!)
  • Zinio has made a major upgrade to their app, as well as the servers that feed both the app and their website. If you're looking for great magazines, Zinio is the place!

Enjoy the upgrades, and keep an eye out for announcements of even more to come!