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♬ The Music Minute ♬

Free Sci Fi Music Part 1

It’s Star Wars Day (May the fourth) this week and The Music Minute would like to celebrate Sci Fi music. Freegal Music has plenty to choose from. They have music from the Star Wars movies. Use any of your 5 free weekly downloads and/or your 3 free daily hours of commercial-free streaming music to enjoy Sci Fi music.

There is music from the Star Trek TV Show and the movies including the regular "Star Trek Theme" and also a fun Disco version.

The punk song “Where’s Captain Kirk” by Spizz Energi.

And then there is the unique styling of William Shatner with his album Seeking Major Tom which is full of space themed music.

So, whether you are a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, boldly go where no man has gone on Freegal and explore new worlds of music.

And from your Beauregard Parish Library: May the Force Be With You. (I couldn't resist saying that.)

And check out our Star Wars and Star Trek DVDs at the your library!

Posted Monday April 30, 2018 06:00am

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