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Find It Friday - Electronic Services Account

While many of the Library's online resources can be accessed simply by using your library card number, such as Overdrive, others such as Freegal require that you have an Electronic Services Account with the library.

Another important use for an Electronic Services account is more complete use of our Evergreen Online Card Catalog. While anyone can search for books and see whether they're in or not, you need an account to be able to reserve and renew books using it from the comfort of your home.

Logging into the Patron Lab computers at our branches, or our WiFi, also needs an Electronic Services account for fullest use. Yes, visitors can get a guest account, but they need to do it each time they come in, while anyone with a regular account can just walk in, log in, and be surfing in no time!

You also get an @beau.org email address with your electronic services account, although it can be set to forward anything going there to another email provider such as YahooMail or GMail.

Seriously, an Electronic Services account is the best thing since getting your own Library card! If you haven't signed up for one, come on in and check with any of our clerks to ask about getting one.

Posted Friday April 13, 2018 08:00am

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