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If you are interested in science but wish you knew more about it, check out one of the new books the library added this week.

How Science Works: The Facts Visually Explained is an illustrated guide that explains 70 topics in all types of science fields. The easy-to-understand text is accompanied by colorful diagrams that help clarify the information. The book tackles some pretty complex concepts, such as gravitational waves, nanotechnology, and particle accelerators, as well as the basics of the elements and weather. Each topic is covered in a concise, but thorough manner. There is enough information to allow full understanding, but it does not get bogged down with too much detail.

The book is divided into sections that include matter, energy, life, space and earth. Each section is divided into topics that follow logically allowing you to gain an understanding of each scientific field. A detailed index is included if you wish to jump to a particular topic.

This book is found in the juvenile non-fiction section. It is designed for middle to older students, but would also be great for adults who remember some from their school science classes but wish they knew more. It is located in Dewey number 502.

Posted Saturday March 10, 2018 02:00pm

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