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Find It Friday - Policies and Confidentiality

Our Policy page, found listed in the horizontal menu just below the Library logo on the home page, is a valuable resource for finding out how the Library can and cannot interact with our Patrons, the community around us, law enforcement, and other entities. It can be very useful to review.

Just recently, it was updated to include a link to the Library Confidentiality Policy, explaining what records the Library keeps, who has access to them, and notes on other services offered through the Library which have separate privacy policies. There's also links to information on what to do should your information be stolen, whether it's stolen from a credit card company, your webmail provider, or even from a local or online retailer.

It's a changing world out there, with new ideas coming and going, and old concepts of privacy and sharing being re-written. Be careful, and learn what you can to do protect yourself and recover from new problems like identity theft!

Posted Friday March 9, 2018 09:00am

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