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Just Arrived

The library has all sorts of self-help books for all sorts of people. This week we received a new book that can help women who are dealing with issues relating to low self-esteem.

Check out: This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide by Geneen Roth.

This book discusses all of the things that shape a woman’s feelings about herself and how she can overcome the negative ones in order to live a happier, healthier life. The author has been through this struggle herself. From early in her life, Geneen Roth was affected by the many criticisms others had of her - she was too loud, too emotional, too demanding, and most of all too big. She felt that if she could just conquer her weight problem, all the other issues would go away. She discovered that this was not true. She went through many types of therapy in order to “fix” herself without success. It was only when she finally stopped trying to change and accepted herself, that she was able to find the freedom and peace that had eluded her.

In this book readers will look at the social pressures, hidden traumas, and personal beliefs that affect the way women feel about themselves. She gives practical advice on how to get past all of this and appreciate how, as unique and imperfect women, we can achieve our full potential and happiness.

This book can be found in the non-fiction section in Dewey number 158.

Posted Saturday March 3, 2018 02:00pm

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