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Find It Friday - We Love Tech! The Library's Typewriter

Our Month of Tech Love comes to an end this week, so perhaps we should go out with something you might not expect. These days, the word "technology" conjures up very high-tech things indeed: smartphones, WiFi, supercomputers winning on Jeopardy, etc. However, sometimes the perfect thing you need is actually fairly low tech.

Sometimes, you just need to type something up on a real typewriter. It might be a form that has carbon paper or NCR paper, and that just won't go through a printer. Well, the Beauregard Parish Library does, in fact, still have an actual typewriter! It's available for use for the asking, in a quiet room where you can concentrate on getting typed up what you need.

Sure, computers are great, but sometimes, you just need a real typewriter, and we have one!

Posted Friday February 23, 2018 09:00am

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