These days, you can't escape computers. They're everywhere! But sometimes, your computer at home doesn't work, or you don't have internet at home, or even just your printer isn't working.

For those cases, we love to have you come in and use our patron computer lab! Each branch has computers available for patrons to come in and do homework, type up documents, do research, communicate with friends all over the world, or even play some games. You want to write the next Great American Novel? Come in and do it surrounded by books on our computers.

The patron computers come equipped with a wide variety of software, including word processors, spreadsheet, graphics programs, web browsers, educational programs, and even software for designing electronics and creating your own programs.

We love our patron computers, and we love to see our patrons come in to use them! If you don't have an account, check at the circulation desks - each account comes with a free e-mail address! We can even do guest login codes for users who don't live in the area.