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Love My Job - Skill Building

For February as we focus on loving our jobs, we remember that the job you love isn't always the job you have. If you want to change jobs, whether by getting a promotion or changing employers, you can't go wrong with skill building. Beauregard Parish Library gives you several free digital resources that will help you learn skills that can improve your job performance.

One of our favorite skill building resources is Universal Class. Patrons can take as many as five courses at a time, all for free, in a variety of disciplines (accounting, writing, software, hobbies, more). For course with a pass rate of 70% or more, patrons get certificates of completion to use with employers or in other situations. If you want to try out Universal Class, remember to create your personal account so you can keep track of your own learning.

One skill that usually goes with better jobs is the use of foreign languages. We have both Mango and Pronunciator to help build conversational skills and English as a Second Language. Patrons may take as many courses as they want, but both of these products require personal logins to keep track of personal skills. For ease of use, they also have mobile apps available.

There are other skills out there to learn and different library resources to help you. Don't hesitate to look at our digital resources or talk to one of our very friendly library staff next time you visit the library.

Posted Thursday February 8, 2018 09:00am

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