During the month of February, we will have a 4-article series in which we share resources that will help you Love your Job! Whether you're changing employers or seeking a promotion, Beauregard Parish Library has free resources that can help you.

For most jobs, a seeker needs a resume and sometimes a cover letter. We have two great resources to share that will help you get great resumes and cover letters: Cypress Resume and Homework Louisiana/Tutor.com.

You can use Cypress Resume in the library or at home. You can save resumes and cover letters in a variety of formats as well as being able to share them as web links. Cypress Resume helps you because it provides some of the key phrases and language associated with different professions. It helps you look polished, which is what you want when you're seeking a different job or a promotion.

Homework Louisiana and Tutor.com are the same product. You can access Tutor.com in the mornings, but HomeworkLouisiana becomes live at 3:00 pm on weekdays. It has resumes and samples, and best of all, it has a resume checker. If you want a professional second opinion on your resume before you submit it for your dream job, you can share it with a tutor who will keep your information private and give you an evaluation in a timely manner.