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♬The Music Minute♬

Remembering AC⚡DC's Malcolm Young

Co-founder and guitarist of AC/DC Malcolm Young has passed away. I remember many discussions of AC/DC's music at my lunch table in high school. And their music playing on the radio. Scottish born songwriter, Malcolm was known for his dedication and commitment to performance.

You can listen to the music of AC/DC on Freegal, the free music website. They have many of their songs including "Highway to Hell", "Back in Black", and "Hells Bells" from Back in Black. Also, "Thunderstruck" from The Razor's Edge. And "Let There Be Rock" and "Problem Child" from Let There Be Rock. Freegal has many other albums as well as live albums.

Remembering David Cassidy

And another Rock Star has died, David Cassidy. You may remember him from his days on the Partridge Family or from his solo career or his stint on Broadway. For many he was their teen idol back in the 70's (my sister included). And I was sitting there in front of the TV, bobbing my head to the beat of The Partridge Family Theme Song. Freegal has The Partridge Family albums and David Cassidy's solo albums as well.

Both rock stars died surrounded by those they loved and who loved them. Fans of both men will surely miss them.

Use any of your 5 free weekly downloads or your 3 free daily hours of free streaming music. I know I'll be listening to David and Malcolm's music this week.

Posted Monday November 27, 2017 06:00am

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